Family Needs Help After Construction Shakedown

Family Needs Help After Construction Shakedown

From Anthony Vasquez

Hi, I'm Anthony, and I am raising money to save our home and restore my family to normal. We are on the verge of losing everything. Please read description below

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Hi, I'm Anthony, and I am raising money to save our home and restore my family to normal. We are on the verge of losing everything. I ask you to please read about us below:

We are a young family that has been taken advantage of by a crooked construction company hired to do a full remodel on our first family home. Due to the safety of our family and their company, I will not disclose their business name at this time.

The project broke ground in February 2023. Our home was quickly demolished to a concrete slab, but the garage remained intact for use during construction. We decided to use the garage to store extra food, water, and clothes while we live in our RV parked in front of the property.

Because we were new and inexperienced homeowners when this process began, we were unaware of any red flags we might have missed; we had absolutely no idea of the laws and, ultimately, what we were in for. When this company demolished our home, everything seemed fine. However, soon after the demo, they stopped talking to us and slowly stopped showing up to our site.

Finally, months later, they attempted to collect more money from us to complete our project. To make a long story short, they breached the contract, attempted to extort more money from us, and, for lack of better words, completely scammed our family. I will also note that we recently had two liens placed on our property from 2 companies that didn't receive payment from the contracting company. We are working with attorneys to resolve this.

Because of this, I've had to get multiple jobs. I work 7 days a week, roughly 12- 16 hours daily, with 3 younger kids and little family who mainly helps us with our kids. Even with these income streams, we are quickly sinking. We have just about used up all the money we originally loaned from the bank for this remodel, our savings have been depleted, and we've maxed out our credit cards to pay for unnecessary costs we didn't expect to have, including monthly RV payments, additional insurance for the RV, storage unit costs and lastly our attorney's fees.

Our family purchased this home back in the 1960s. After COVID, we bought it with the intent of reviving the home. We plan to pass it down to future family members for generations. It would be devastating to lose this home where many family members have shared countless memories throughout the years.

We are open to any referrals to trustworthy contractors who can or would consider taking payment plans, etc. We are open to any information available.

Creating this Fundly account is our last resort. We also have a GoFundMe page as we are exhausting all available resources. This last year has been financially, mentally, and emotionally challenging for our family, mainly our kids, who have been pretty good about it so far.

With that being said, we believe God has a plan for us. Please keep us and our 3 children in your prayers and thoughts during this challenging time.

With Gratitude,

The Vasquez Family


I will post photos, and I will also update as necessary while this continues. I have posted photos below of the state our home was left.


$220,000 Hiring new contractors and continuing our project

$20,000 Attorney Fees

$35,000 Fundraising fees

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