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Earlier this year my father and I bought my mother a Great Pyrenees for her birthday naming him Barrett. Having this big dog, we knew that he would grow to be massive and need room to run. This being said, Dad bought 70 acres in Alabama that him and mom would retire on with Barrett. Tragically, on July 13, 2017 my father C.J passed away to a sudden heart attack while him and I were at work. It has left my mother, sister, and I in complete distress especially because I held him in his final moments. This unexpected tragedy has given us no other choice than to sell the land in Alabama and individually apply for benefits through full time jobs. We now also face the issue of Barrett being at home in his crate while we are all at work. Because my family has adored animals our entire lives, we would rather put Barrett up for adoption before we left him in his crate. This dog means the world to the family and especially mom. I would like to raise enough money that would allow us to build a fence around our house so we could leave Barrett outside while we are gone. My mom has been by my side through thick and thin, especially through the years of treatment I went through after being diagnosed with cancer, and so I want to be here for her in her time of need. Any kind of contribution would be really and trully amazing. 

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