Fight Cuomo on False Vaping Policy

Fight Cuomo on False Vaping Policy

From Clouds & Coffee

We want to correct the FALSE public narrative in New York State and educate policy makers of the truth on vaping. This will fund a large scale Ad Campaign to combat that false narrative in the Capital Region, NY.

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All Money Raised will go towards funding a large scale AD Campaign in the Capital Region, What do we mean by large scale? We intend to flood the local Albany, NY area closest to the capital repeatedly. The campaign will be focused on promoting the positive truth of vaping and correct the false anti-vaping narrative that so many are seeing on TV. These anti-vaping campaigns are funded by businesses that are loosing money from the gaining popularity of vaping. Such as Big Tobacco and Big Pharma. Government organizations also oppose vaping because it cuts into Tobacco Tax Revenue.

The False headlines against vaping are being used to gain public support for bans by misleading the public that vaping is as harmful if not more harmful than smoking. This is simply not true according to many sources and scientific studies. We will work to correct this false narrative. 

Note: All of the money will go towards creating this campaign. This is NOT an ad for Clouds & Coffee; we are the organizer. Any amount that can be raised will be put towards the campaign, even if the goal is not reached.

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