Find out more about Gambling Laws and Regulations

Find out more about Gambling Laws and Regulations

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Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act

This is among of the laws that are most misunderstood because it is covered by many layers of misinformation and confusion. Many believe that the law restricts US residents from playing online gambling. However, it isn't the case. Actually, the Act doesn't address players or impose limitations on them. Instead, it targets banks and financial institutions who are knowingly processing online gambling transactions. This law was passed to curb the spread of fraud and money laundering. US gamblers won't be violating any laws gambling on licensed or licensed internet gambling websites.

Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act

The act was designed specifically for the industry of sports betting and provides information about gambling on all bookmakers across the US. The law made betting on sports legal in only four states of America. However, in May of 2018 states like New Jersey opened up a lawsuit to stop this law and prevailed, which means that the law was overturned. This has dramatically altered the scene of sports betting across the US and handed the states the power to decide to decide if they wish to allow betting on sports or not. While there aren't all states yet legalizing betting on sports, many have already done so, and we are expecting states that haven't yet to follow in the near future.

Federal Wire Act

In 1961, the Federal Wire Act was created to prevent betting firms from using wire communications to transfer interstate or foreign bets. When the law was adopted in 1961, the US was confronting a large amount in organized criminality, particularly with illegal bookies accepting bets through wired communication. The new law was a boon and helped to reduce illicit bookies and organized criminality.

Today the Act stops US-based all bookmakers from accepting bets from non-US citizens, or even across state boundaries. Numerous states have legalized betting on sports and this Act is designed to prevent all bookmakers run by state agencies from providing their services to people who aren't located within state lines.

In essence, the law doesn't prohibit American players from betting on local online betting websites or all bookmakers that are located in other countries than the US. This is due to the fact that the law does not have any authority in controlling betting websites located outside in the United States.

1978 Interstate Horse Racing Act

The Act is, as you've likely guessed from its name is the rule which regulates horse betting within the US. The Act permits betting on horses between states, but allows the states to decide if they wish to permit betting on horse races or not. As of when this article was written there just 41 states across the US (out of 50) which allow interstate horse racing betting and a variety of other states are looking into allowing betting on horse racing within their boundaries.

But, that being stated, this Act does not prohibit the use of bookies from outside the country, so the majority of the United States can bet on the horses through all bookmakers that aren't based in the United States.

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