FMLA Support

FMLA Support

From Tiger Gray

Since COVID19 hit, things at work have been more stressful than ever before. My autism and other health conditions both physical and mental compound the stress. Money goes to supporting me through unpaid med leave.

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I am a suicide crisis counselor and ever since COVID19 hit, the stress has reached unimaginable heights for both clients and clinicians. There isn't a night (I work nights) that goes by without at least one major crisis. This is rather unusual. Normally, there would be a lot more downtime. 

Also at play are my attendant illnesses and conditions. As an autistic for example, it is harder to bear up under these things as they can be very overwhelming. It is especially difficult to do so over time. I am also in chronic physical pain that is negatively impacting every aspect of my life, this aspect included. 

I resisted FMLA for months but now I realize how necessary it is for my continued health and well-being. Unfortunately now the stress has shifted to stress about money as FMLA is unpaid. 

I chose the amount I did because it roughly reflects about two months of work. However, absolutely anything would be accepted with great gratitude.

Thank you for helping me take this time, so I can come back refreshed and support my clients with renewed energy. 

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