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My husband had 2 heart attacks while working in Texas last year.  After getting him home, he went into Congestive Heart Failure. While in the hopital, a heart cath was done.  Good news, no blockage everything there was good.  Bad news, Fred has a bad heart. Needs pacemaker, or a new heart.We were told.  Within weeks of finding this out, Fred was out of a job.  Unable to perform his duties as a utilities electrician.  He had been paying into Aflac for some time only to find out now that his plan didn't cover heart attacks, then he lost his medical coverage.  Once insurance lapsed, we couldn't afford a specialist fee.

Fred was able to get some help through Medicaid until his disability began, then he was no longer covered medically.  Medicare for my husband will not begin until June of 2014. A 2 yr waiting period.

I work, but I don't make enough to cover both of our medical needs.  I want nothing more than to be able to give my husband a chance to be able to live again.  He is only in his early 50s. 

In time,my husband may be placed with a pacemaker. We just need to know now what shape the heart is in, but we won't know until the echo.

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