Frequently asked questions about distributed denial of Servi

Frequently asked questions about distributed denial of Servi

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Seeing that a lot of website users are still very much ignorant about booter services and their malicious distributed denial of service attacks, here are a few questions and answer to keep you updated.

Is the operation illegal?

Yes, distributed denial of service attacks is illegal without the permission of the website or network owner. Although many people carry out the attack for personal reasons on their own. But attacking another website is completely illegal and unacceptable

If my network is hacked, are my user’s information at risk?

no, thankfully distributed denial of service network does not affect your customers information at all. The aim is targeted at bringing your network down and slowing things down for you. However, while under attack from ip booter services your users will be unable to access your network or website throughout the course of the attack.

Who is behind the distributed denial of service of my website?

Frankly, it could be anyone. Your family or friends, your workers, your competitors or cyber criminals. Whoever it has a single goal, to slow down or disrupt your network. However, the people behind such activities are usually hired, not necessarily having any grudge or bad eye over your sales and profit. But, it could also be cyber criminals looking to gain one or two amount of money from you especially if your network is very important and has a major role to play in where you get your money from. They might ask for ransom before they stop the attack.

What does DDoS stand for?

DDoS Is an acronym that stands for distributed denial of service.

What is hacktivism

This is a term used to define the process hackers use to send messages to their victims along side a short term distributed denial of service attack, demanding for an amount of money or a property belonging to the owner of the network or website. If their demands are not met, they go ahead to attack your website, thereby slowing things down for your or completely shutting you and your users out. However, this act is mostly carried out on government officials, financial and business sites where, the hackers are sure they will make enough profit from. It is left to the owners to pay up the ransom or face an attack of distributed denial of service which may possibly last for days.

What are targeted attacks

These are networks or site targeted for an attack. It doesn’t necessarily mean that all attacks are for extortion of money. Your site could be attacked to display something bad, or to tarnish the image of your company and team. Individual hire hackers to carry out such activities as they may not be able to handle the work themselves. Such attacks may be as a result of revenge or hatred for the owner of the site or network. 

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