From War to Peace Help Kamilia's Family Evacuated

From War to Peace Help Kamilia's Family Evacuated

From Mohammed Qatou

As war and harsh living conditions in Gaza force thousands of families to flee to South Gaza in search of a haven, many family members become homeless with difficult humanitarian conditions so I look forward to helping

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Kamilia, a Palestinian Refugee in the Gaza Strip

As war and harsh living conditions in Gaza force thousands of families to flee to South Gaza in search of a haven, many family members become homeless with difficult humanitarian conditions so I look forward to helping them to survive from death to life and peace.

❝ I just want my family to stay alive! This is what I pray for ❞

These are the words of Kamilla Radwan, a Palestinian refugee from Gaza, spoken with a glimpse of hope when rescue teams carried her out from under the rubble of her home, which was destroyed on her head and her family by an airstrike on their neighbor.

Kamilia has six children, Khaled (8 years), Hasan (5 years),Yzen (4 years), Suha (6 years), Ruba (1 year) and Lama (2 years), Kamilia live in Gaza in the Department of building.

Kamilia's Family After Missed Their House and Now Live in Poor Tent

For Kamilia, the death of her husband in the Gaza war after when their house was destroyed by an airstrike on their neighbor, was a journey of grinding hardship.

"After I survived with my six children from an airstrike on our home and my husband dead we had to flee 3 times on 3 where to south Gaza strip" she explained, remembering that period. "My life fell apart."

14th Oct 2023, I Miraculously Survived with My Children After Our House Collapsed on Our Heads by Israel Airstrike

Kamilia didn't know what happened on 20th Oct,2023 she missed her husband and all the people in the building.

Kamilia Said " At 10:30 pm while I sleeping I felt like I was falling into a deep hole and I heard a strong explosion that made me faint from fear I only woke up in the hospital and heard someone say, “Ramy died.” Yes, Ramy died. He was my husband and he was 49 years old. I did not know how I said at this moment "where is my family Khaled. Hasan…Ruba. Ramy... where are you". I was suffering from severe suffocation".

Fortunately, Kamilia, the children, and the mother's husband survived with medium injuries for children but unfortunately, all people on the building from 2 floors had been dead they were 37 dead.

Kamilia's House After Destroyed in The War

Misfortunes Do Not Stop

On 9th Nov 2023 IDF asked all north Gaza Strip people to flee to the south because North Gaza is a war zone and the south is a safe zone.

They forcibly migrated and people left their homes and memories. On that date, Kamilia fled with her children and her husband’s mother to Al-Qarara, East of Khan Yunis, in the south of the Gaza Strip. She lived in a temporary tent in very difficult conditions.

Kamilia Said" After we fled to the south, we had nothing, not even water, clothing, or food. We were queuing for more than an hour to go to the bathroom, and even queuing for several hours to get food or water. I was alone with my children and my husband’s sick mother who had no one left in her family yet all of them were killed.

Kamilia Prepares Poor Food for Her Children

On 3 Dec 2023 Bad News On The Way

again IDF asked all Kan Yonis People to flee to Rafah far south Gaza Strip so Kamilia now to escape death forcibly migrated again to Rafah.

Kamilia Said: "Actually no time here to be sad for my husband has been killed or to be sad for my house that has been destroyed with all my memories or for our money has burned in the airstrike I do done have anything now"

What Happened After Arrived Rafah?

After 70 days after arriving, Kamilia to Rafah to get a safe zone IDF decided to attack Rafah and Kamilia didn't have any options now for escape from death, Kamilia Suffered from horror, fear, and poverty. There is no food or water. She lives in a poor tent. Her children suffer from the cold at night and fear of airstrikes every second and shooting. Her mother-in-law is sick and suffers from hepatitis. She is unable to receive treatment and does not know now what should she do to get there safely.

Why Does She Need Your Support?

Kamilia and her family have one last chance to flee from death and war to peace and life by Evacuate to Egypt to her sister in Cairo by Rafah border crossing so I think she will be OK if escapes from the war and gets her sister released her sad feelings and meets her sister after more than 15 years of separation so she may get warm Hug.

Breakdown of Expenses

• Evacuation of Kamilia Family from Gaza by Rafah border crossing {Rafah border crossing fees}

Note: Due to the war the known coordinators for travel have raised the Price so the Coordination for evacuation price increased from 500$ for each person +18 to 5000$ and 2500$ for every child.

( 5000$ for each Kamilia and her husbund's mother Kauthar and 2500$ for every child so the total will be (5000 *2) +(2500*6) = 25000$ ).

The Family :

1- Kamilia

2- Children ( Yazen- Hasan- Khaled- Ruba- Suha- Lama)

3- Husbund's mother Kauthar

• 12000$ will be financial coverage for a full year due to the challenging time to support the home until Salma obtains a suitable job.

• 5000$ will be allocated for shelter in Eygpt.

❝I just want my children to have a better future. This is what I pray for❝

These are the words of Kamilia after I asked her what she was looking forward to after escaping from the war.

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