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I am fundraising to raise awareness of a massive issue that I believe we face today. One that as consumers, producers, middle men, etc; ALL should be taking ownership of. Please read my info for more.

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ON April 6th, I noticed that my long time go to app for P2P payments, the "cash app" or "square cash", a Square company, had deleted my debit card and info; leaving me no way to access my $667.13 dollars. I emailed right away, thinking this must be some sort of mistake or worse my card was stolen.What I received instead was this email:

On Sat, Apr 6, 2019, 9:24 PM Cash Support

Hello Taylor,

After a recent review of your transfer of funds, we detected the use of Cash App for activity in violation of Square's Terms of Service. As a result, you will no longer be able to use Cash App to send or receive payments.

We are also exercising our discretion under Sections 4 and 5 of the Cash App Terms of Service in the decision to block or reverse your transfer of funds. For security reasons, unfortunately we cannot provide more details regarding our decision.

Visit the Square website for more information regarding the Cash App Terms of Service.

Thank you for your cooperation.

.... I am sorry what? Thank me for my cooperation? No. I will NOT sit here and allow a "money transmission service" (as denoted in their TOS) to take my money; even more so for ZERO apparent reason. I read their terms, twice. Not one time did I see how I could have broken their terms. Guess what, they refuse to tell me why. That's the part that makes me so disgusted. The lack of transparency; immediately all my trust was lost within the cash app. As a bank, a payment processor, or a money transmission service; please answer me one thing, Is trust and transparency not one of your fundamentals in ensuring your own success as a reputable banking entity?

Thing is, I have send NUMEROUS new users to this app. all of which i have already urged to delete it. And thousands more i will be connecting with. For those of you who only think this sort of thing happens to money launderers, thieves, hackers, etc; you'd be mistaken. I'm none of those things, and even was a big supporter of their app, and I can't even get an actual, non automated email, let alone a phone call.

 I know I am insignificant in the grand scheme of the Cash app's business model, however that money is not insignificant to me in the slightest and at what point does a company fail after burning enough of their smaller clients? Realistically, I know it would have to be more than just me. Which is why I am urging you to donate to this campaign to make a clear objection to the companies that treat us like pawns and that we aren't about it. Before its too late, (please read George Orwell's 1984 if you haven't already). None of these payments will go through Square cash, that will be a large number of clientele to loose.

 I can no longer sit here and be bullied by people/business/etc in my life because i am insignificant to them. cash. Open your eyes and speak up, better yet, do something to  let it be known that your hard work is valuable and precious, no matter the monetary value. 

I have another fundraiser currently, called the taystarter. Its a fundraiser to save my life. I am currently running out of time for having enough resources to afford health insurance for several serious illnesses, Crohns, C-PTSD, and Chronic Pain. The medications to keep me alive cost upwards of $20,000 per month for LIFE (so id die unless..) I make enough to cover myself with a health insurance plan that is robust (read: expensive) enough to cover my needs.  I have until the 22 of April to figure it out. Its a struggle everyday; and I know many of you go through things much worse, and for that; my heart goes out to you.

 I am self employed and work extremely hard, i don't take welfare, or any assistance from the government, as I am lucky enough to be able to fight through my daily pain in order to try and be something. In order to help others as my job as Personal Trainer and Health Coach. Something i sacrificed everything for, and something I am good at doing. 

I cannot and will not let  something that I am not even aware of doing in "sections 4 and 5" of a vague TOS, be one of the reasons I am not able to afford my health insurance. 

I only wanted to make each donation $1. I wanted to show how the power of one can actually be effective, if i met my goal. That would mean 667 people will now know what kind of operation is run by the square company and hopefully deter them from using their services in the future. However, the lowest amount i could do was $10. So I improvised here with an amount of FU's you'd like to give a company, and those like it,  that has shown zero respect for me, and I know to thousands of others who have been, or will be, treated the same. 

Every donation makes a difference here, no matter how much you can give. I am trying to create sense of urgency in our society that we have a huge issue. One that is much greater than $667.13 dollars, greater than even my life, an issue that i know so many others struggle with, one that we can try to change. Our lack of human compassion and even deeper our own love for ourselves. Im doing both, something I have been petrified to do and silenced from doing for years, and I hope that you will join me. 

No matter what, thank you for your time and always value yourself. 



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