Fund the Change, Flip the System.

Fund the Change, Flip the System.

From Flipping the System Org.

Flipping the System is an up and coming organization on UF’s campus that aims to eradicate sexual violence and train effective bystanders in preventing sexual assault.

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Flipping the System is a non-profit organization on UF's campus dedicated to fostering open conversations on critical issues such as sexual assault, nightlife safety, and aspects of college life that may expose students to traumatic experiences. Our mission is to normalize these discussions, raise awareness about the potential risks in college life, and educate the community on preventive measures. We firmly believe that through gradual steps, the realization of a campus free from sexual assault is possible.

In our unwavering commitment to sexual assault awareness and prevention, we are excited to engage with the community in a highly impactful manner throughout the months of February and March. Your support will enable us to organize events and provide essential items such as drink covers to safeguard students from drink tampering at nightlife venues. Contributions received will also facilitate community presentations on effective bystander intervention, the placement of sexual assault hotline information in bar bathrooms, and ensure that our campus becomes a stronghold against sexual assault through collective efforts.

What have we done so far?

In one year, we have:

- Handed out 200 drink-covers to students to prevent roofie-ing

- Handed out over 200 boxes of Narcan to prevent Fetanyl overdoses

- Tabled over 70 hours informing students about sexual assault prevention

- Hosted a self-defense class and yoga class for victim healing

- Volunteered 60+ hours at Peaceful Paths domestic abuse shelter

- Raised over $600 at our Battle of the Bands: Use Your Voice event

And so much more!

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