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Here I find myself after a good 12 year long run in my career which consisted mostly of contract work, needing and wanting a change.Due to personal responsibilities & situations, and family, I cannot work in my career like I used to, which requires a lot of being on the road.  With the economic downturn/recession, there's just not enough work that can afford me any reasonable home time.  

I'm at a conundrum of money, time, and energy.  My certificates would take 3-4 months if I were to dedicate myself entirely to study.  In this scenario I can't pay my bills.  $12k will pay for everything, the schooling, the living expenses & monthly bills.  

I'ts  6-8 months to get these credentials if I have to work  30-35hours a week to sustain myself & bills.  Either of those I'm okay with.  In this scenario I'm still not paying all my bills and will not sustain without help.  

At my current rate I'm 2-3 years away from putting in the time & effort to finish everything.  I can't sustain this and it won't work for personal situations.

Even if I were to take shorter contracts, they demand too much time to be able to study to any significant degree.Please help me reach my goal!  I have been stuck in a rut, plateau'd with no room for growth for several years.  The money is good but the lifestyle the work requires is not something I can sacrifice anymore.  I live as minimally as I can and my bills are low, with your help I can accomplish my goal by the 1st quarter of 2024!  

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