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This is Leo. 

 I know and I can also see that it is hard to trust anyone right these days but I genuinely speaking to you. I'm really in serious need of little funds to get my Mom health well as soon as early. She had a paralyze attack in today morning due to weak health and typhoid. Her left side shoulder  and leg ain't moving right. She can't even walk or go to washroom. 

I'm from Pakistan and as you can see these days are critical for each person  in this universe who is campaigning to COVID 19 .the devastating virus which have been killed millions of people yet. 

So, my request to you that kindly plz help us with much as you can to take my beloved mom to hospital as soon as possible. I hope you understand me nd circumstances we are going through right now .i and my family will be very grateful for your favour. 

God bless you with more 


Leo and family 

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