Great Gift Ideas for a Loved One That Is in Recovery

Great Gift Ideas for a Loved One That Is in Recovery

From Thomas Pandey

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Gift giving isn’t only reserved for holidays and special occasions. If you have a loved one who is recovering from mental health, any time is perfect for gift giving. People recovering from mental health always want to feel loved and supported through that tough journey. Popping in at any time with a thoughtful gift can go a long way in showing love and affection to your loved one. However, keep in mind that the person might not like the things that they used to like before. So, give it some thought, and choose a gift that is geared towards helping him or her overcome it. Here are some great ideas for you.


Inspiring/self-empowerment books

A good read can be a good distraction from stressful thoughts and moments. When your loved one immerses himself or herself in a book, it gives them a break from what they are going through, and can also be relaxing to the mind. Inspiring books such as biographies from mental health warriors can boost motivation to get better. Self-empowerment books such as those teaching coping strategies for different situations such as grief, breakup, and anxiety, or teaching certain skills are also great options.


Comfort blanket

Most people battling mental health issues love to feel comforted. So, thinking in the line of comfort gifts can really be appreciated. If your loved one has a hard time falling asleep, a comfort blanket such as a weighted blanket can help him or her fall asleep. These blankets are designed to give the much-needed sensation of touching or being held. This adds a layer of comfort and can usher in a sense of security to help your loved one fall asleep easily and enjoy a good night’s sleep.


Self-care gifts

Self-care is the last thing most people living with mental illness think of. Yet, it is a powerful tool to cope and get through hard times. Gifting self-care gifts can be a good reminder to get up from bed and take care of themselves. Think of a self-care basket including body wash, bath bombs, inflatable bath pillows, and the like. You can also consider a beautiful dress or suit with great accessories to match. An automatic field watch can go with any outfit and is highly resistant to last a lifetime. It can go a long way in showing him or her how valuable he or she is to you.


Wellness tech

If your loved one is into tech and gadgets, thinking in the line of wellness tech would be something that he or she might really love. A good example is Muse headband which monitors brain activity to help your loved one meditate and enjoy better sleep. All your loved one has to do is strap the headband on, and tap on the Muse app on the phone to access guided meditation sessions, courses, and soothing sounds. The Loftie clock is another great choice. It gives access to white noise, nighttime stories, mindfulness activities, and more.


Time together

Sometimes all a person fighting mental illness wants is the companionship of a loved one to share their thoughts and feelings. The gift of your time can send a message of love and thoughtfulness to your loved one. Think of experiential gifts such as a day at the spa together, a road trip to a lovely destination, attending a concert, or just cooking a meal together at home. If it involves some tickets, consider giving them to your loved one as a nicely wrapped gift.


Grounding stones & gems

These are significantly useful for people dealing with anxiety. Holding the stone in their hands and noticing how it feels and looks helps with mindfulness and calming the nerves. This makes it a great tool for managing anxiety by promoting relaxation. You can choose grounding stones inscribed with inspirational messages or words to inspire and encourage him or her through the hard times.


Indoor plants

Plants promote feelings of peace and calmness by suppressing the stress hormone and boosting moods. Additionally, caring for a plant and seeing it grow not only gives a worthy distraction, but also ushers in feelings of accomplishment and a sense of purpose. However, keep in mind that getting up to care for the plants can be difficult for your loved one when dealing with mental health issues. It is safe to choose a plant that thrives with less care such as snake plant, aloe vera, and other succulents.


Acts of service

People recovering from mental health such as depression and anxiety struggle with simple tasks such as cleaning, taking care of the kids, and cooking. It would be great if you can offer your time to help clean their place, make them a home-cooked meal, or take the kids for the weekend. You can also subscribe for them cleaning services, child care services, or healthy meals delivery services for the time that they are recovering if your budget allows. Additionally, you can help them financially by showing them how to add money to their Cash App card at Walmart. This way, they can easily access their funds and use them to pay for essential services or items that they need while they're recovering.


Online class subscription

Taking a class to learn a new skill can be a good avenue to divert from stressful thoughts and do something meaningful. Completing the class successfully can bring in a sense of accomplishment and boost self-worth and confidence. If he or she is struggling with financial difficulties, gaining new skills can offer a glimpse of hope and help them overcome. Consider a subject that interests your loved one and subscribe to him or her. He or she is likely to appreciate learning a new skill without leaving the house.


Personalized gifs

Personalized gifts spark feelings of happiness and value for the recipient. Think of a handwritten card telling your loved one how strong and courageous he or she is. You can also have a photo frame, necklace, or a mug engraved with your loved one’s name or a special message.



When it comes to your loved ones, there is never a wrong time to offer gifts, especially when they are recovering from an illness or loss. Gifts are a great reminder that you care and you are there to help them fight. Choosing a gift for a person recovering from mental health and stepping into a spiritual awakening  can be challenging. However, giving it some extra thought can help. Moreover, the list above can be an inspiration for a meaningful gift for your loved one.



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