From Christopher Smith

I'm raising money to pay off a medical bill due to a aggressive dog that bite me and caused nerve damaged to my arm.

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Hi, my name is Christopher Smith…

This is something that is extremely hard for me to write as it has taken a year for me to openly discuss this story. On October 2, 2020 I was attacked by an extremely large dog while visiting an at the time friend. The friend knew the dog was aggressive towards people but chose that day to not muzzle the dog. While taking a tour of my friend’s new dog business, I was shown the backyard where the aggressive dog was. As soon as the backyard door swung open, the dog immediately lunged towards me giving me little time to react in which in that moment when given a natural fight/flight response, I froze. I turned my body swiftly away from the dog but was ultimately trapped in a garage. I truly feared for my life as the dog would not let go.

Due to inadequate insurance, I have been having to cover the costs of medical bills, physical therapy and any psychiatric help due to the incident completely on my own. I have recently found out I have nerve damage from my hip down to my knee and have permanent scarring on my right thigh. This has resulted in having to take significant time off of work as I work through this.

Any dollar amount is greatly appreciated as this will be a long road to recovery. Thank you.

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