WHOListic Healing Quest

WHOListic Healing Quest

From David Horn

I am asking anyone moved by my wife's condition, to please help her with a donation to ease her situation, inspire her to keep going, and get the effective treatments and services that can help her be restored to opti...

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This is a very difficult chapter of my life for me to write and create this campaign. Unfortunately the last few months have handled out a lot of challenges, and now we are ready to share what we have been facing, and at the same time reach out to our community, and different social platforms for much needed support.

My wife Nalini Horn has had an autoimmune illness, since her last pregnancy, and her health has been declining for nearly two years. She became physically debilitated in April 2021, when several health issues began. Her health is being compared to that of an acutely-ill elderly person. My Wife has an unknown underlying illness, possibly complicated by having untreated bone disease, leading to thoracic spinal stenosis, and kyphosis; in the meantime she has been searching for answers in and out of allopathic medicine, going to alternative health practitioners and independent Medical specialists. In the last 7 months she has been losing tremendous amount of weight unintentionally. 

My Wife has been diagnosed with a condition called Cachexia, she is suffering with extreme weight loss and loss of muscle mass. This syndrome is one of the symptoms that appears when you have a chronic condition. When a person has Cachexia that person looks malnourished and fragile. Having Cachexia means you lose a serious amount of body fat, muscle, and bone. Doctors often call this “body wasting.” Once it begins, you can’t reverse it simply by eating more. It’s a complex disorder that has to do with the way your body absorbs and uses the nutrients and calories you eat.

At this point my wife is literally wasting away, and the lack of normal body functions, physical energy and muscle mass is causing her extreme fatigue. Also she is in pain most of the time, because her muscles are deteriorating and she needs to be on a special micro nutrient dense and protein diet.

Due to battling against Cachexia Syndrome, and the unknown underlying illness; she and our family need any financial support that can be given. I was forced to stop working and stay at home to care for my wife and children.

Presently my wife is unable to walk unaided, and she walks with a cane. Having to eat, move and do everything with caution, getting weak and fatigued very easily, to limited walking of certain distances without dragging her feet or feeling discomfort, are so difficult for any of us to observe, let alone for her to experience. All this, we did not see coming, and it is hard to watch everyday because of how much our children worry and are needing their mother, additionally it saddens her not being able to cook for her family and do all the things she used to do as a mom and wife when she was able to walk normal.

Please support us in anyway you possibly can, and assist us raise this money that will get my wife on the treatments she so desperately needs. She believes she can beat this and have a chance of more life with her loved ones specially our children.

If you, or anyone you know, can sponsor or help out, please click on the donate bottom. Thank you for your good wishes!! We appreciate you sharing your love and compassion so my wife and I can continue raising our children together. 

Much Gratitude, David 

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