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The Sun Bears, or known as Honey Bear at Bornean SunBear Conservation Center in Malaysia (BSBCC), are all rescued sun bears kept as illegal pets before they were rescued and sent to BSBCC. All of them were acquired from the wild, where poachers killed their mother and captured them when they were very young. BSBCC raised these bears and improved their animal welfare. Those bears that can be released into the wild will be released at the age of 4-5. Those who cannot be released will be well taken care of at BSBCC as a sanctuary and education center.The fund will be used for the Bear's food, enrichments, medicine, facility maintenance, utilities like water, and the bear house's electricity.Knowing that they are threatened because of human activities, I felt I have the full responsibility to help them as much as I can. The people who live around the forest and people who are not living around the forest are important because the bears play important ecological roles to maintain a healthy forest ecosystem where all living beings depend on. The center will be extremely grateful for the help during these trying times of the pandemic. Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre is among the many wildlife conservation organizations that have suffered tremendously from the pandemic. With the help and kindness, we are pawing our way through. The fight must go on, and we, to collectively endure the struggle for conservation. The road ahead is arduous; the challenge far from over. At such harrowing junctures, we couldn't appreciate your help even more! Your support motivates us. True to our purpose, funds continue to be channeled to our mission to the conservation of sun bears and the rehabilitation of rescued sun bears at BSBCC.  Together we can make a better world for bears and people!

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