Help Buster Move ... to a better life

Help Buster Move ... to a better life

From Jules Burns

Do a solid by a diamond little dude if you've got it in you. He could really use (and deserves) some angel helping hands right now to help turn things around and get him on a good track. It'll come back to you

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The situation. Buster here showed up on our doorstep about a month ago and I thought he was just lost. Largely because he had such a good nature that I thought he must have come from a loving home and that his owners were probably beside themselves looking for him. That turned out to be not the case And after weeks of searching we had to finally accept that he must have been abandoned. 

During that time him and I really bonded And got to know each other well. He impressed me Immediately with his intelligence and comprehension - He just seemed to understand perfectly everything I said to him and everything I asked him to do. Quite remarkable. It was like we had been hanging out together for years.    

Unfortunately the situation I'm in presently doesn't allow me to keep him here. The local SPCA's and shelters were full and couldn't take him and I had no luck online finding a home so on the day when he had to leave The only thing left was to take him to the vet to get his shots and then put him up in a boarding kennel until we figured something else out.

And thats where he is today - 2 weeks later.   

Unfortunately my visa does not allow me to work here and so the $200 a week price tag for his accommodation is just untenable for us in this interim period while our online business is ramping up. And so after much consideration there appears to be basically 3 possibilities available.

1. Find a Foster home(s) where he would be happy and safe short term 

2. Find a new 'Forever Home' - ie Adoption - which there is no coming back from, or  

3. Crowdfund the fees for his board and lodging for a couple of months while I finish fixing the boat and then we can sail off into the sunset together and live happily forever after.

Normally I would not even consider The third option because I actually really find it hard asking for money from anyone, for anything. But the reality is that it's not for me that I'm passing that hat around, it's for Buster and I'm just doing my best to fulfil my commitment to him Which is to ensure that he finds his way into a happy home and a good life. And if that home is meant to be with me then some good fortune will come his way to facilitate that much like it did when he ended up on my doorstep. And I truly believe he is deserving. He's a good dude and good dudes deserve good things.        

So, throwing this message out to the world in the hope of finding some assistance in any of the 3 ways above. 

Perhaps you or someone you know can take him in as a Foster Parent On a temporary basis. 

Maybe you know of a home where he'd be welcomed and loved And if so he would come with my blessing absolutely.

And if neither of those but you would still like to lend a hand and are able to do so financially then there's a Paypal link below by which you may - and you can do so knowing that 100% of it goes directly to the kennel in Buster's name. On that you have my solemn word as a dog lover and decent human being.

And so that's about it. All assistance of any kind most graciously received with open arms. Even if it's something as simple as reposting on social media - know that it's well appreciated and I'm sure that Life will find a way to say thanks to you on his (and my) behalf some way or another and hopefully right at the time you need it most. 

Blessings ~Electronic Jude 

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