Help Coco see again

Help Coco see again

From Cheldahutchen Hutchen

Coco is a 14 year old Pomeranian who is a fun and lovable dog. Just recently he was diagnosed with diabetes and went blind pretty much over night. I need help with surgery to bring his sight back before it's too late.

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A few months ago, we had to put our 16 year old Shihpoo to sleep because he was terminally ill. Granted my Pomeranian didn't grow up with or always live with him but as the years went by, they became quite close. After his death, Coco my Pomeranian went completely blind a couple of days after his death. It was due to diabetes and the stress of his older brother. He became a little depressed in the  coming weeks. Running into walls, standing in one spot for hours, stepping in his water and spilling it all over the floor. He doesn't understand what happened and was hesitant about taking walks like he used to enjoy. All he wanted to do was sleep. I lifted his spirits a bit by singing to him, cuddling with him teaching him to follow my voice and to count the stairs as he would sniff the ground and baby step until he came to the ledge and tried to leap down 4 more steps. Thank God for his harness as I was able to hold him up. I didn't want to always carry him around because it would only make him feel inadequate. Teaching him brought back his confidence and now he actually likes learning new commands and is learning to walk down the stairs carefully with voice command and a harness still of course. I would love for him to get all of his confidence back by restoring his vision with cataract surgery. He still sleeps a lot and still has problems navigating around the house. For him his sight was more useful to him than his sense of smell. Please be a part of this good deed as the surgery will cost around $3700. Coco would greatly appreciate your help and I would too! 

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