Help Earth Groans get a new van!

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Help Earth Groans get a new van!

From Alexa Elsner

Earth Groans’ van blew a gasket! They need your help in either getting this one fixed or purchasing an entire new van. Tour must go on! Any amount, $500 or $5, help the boys out!

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Earth Groans blew a gasket, well their van did! While out on the latest and greatest, Unbreakable tour, their van blew a head gasket. Only just beginning on this month long tour, and no desire to stop anytime soon, these guys need our help! If you know Jeremy, Brady, Zach, or Kaden you know how amazing, giving, and talented these four are. They rarely ask for anything in return, they just want to live out their passions and make music. So with that passion and drive unfortunately comes a lack of funds. As much as they would love to go out and buy a new van on their own, they just can’t. But have no fear, that’s what community is for, right?! We love Earth Groans, we love these guys and what they stand for, so let’s show it by helping them out with anything we can so they can reach their goal and figure this can situation out. $500 to $50 to $5, anything helps and allows us to be one step closer in blessing them with this gift. Spread the word. Say a prayer. Give them a call. Let’s give to these boys like how they give to so many! 

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