Help Hidayet, Wiam and Haron as they battle Myopathy

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Hello dear people 

I’m starting this fund to help my cousins  Hidayet (24), Wiam (21) and Haron (15) they’ve been diagnosed with myopathy since the very age of 9 Myopathy refers to a disease of the muscles. In these cases, the muscles work less effectively than they should. That can occur when the muscles do not develop properly, when they have become damaged, or when they are lacking important components. they’ve been battling this Illness since a very young and it’s getting harder for Them to keep going now because of the lack of resources and funds.

They live in Algeria a country where they have no rights as People with needs, they barely have any income and since it’s a country from the 3rd world there are no facilities that can help them so it’s been very difficult for them and for their parents as they can’t find any help or someone to keep them in shape and prevent their illness from worsening. There’s no treatment in Algeria as a result they’ve been having back problems which is preventing them to stay on the wheelchair throughout the day doctors advised them to seek physical therapy but it’s very pricey especially for 3 people. 

They’ve been thinking about going to Europe to receive treatment but as I mentioned before they’re barely putting food on the table they also wanted to help their parents by finding jobs or anything to lessen the burden they feel on their family, as their cousin I couldn’t stand watching them suffer both physically and mentally any longer I wanted them to see that there’s light despite darkness that they can get better with your help so please help them go receive treatment I know $100K is a big ask, and I know of the generous spirit of so many of our fellow humans.  

Let’s give this family so much support that money is no longer one of their stressors and they can focus on healing and moving forward together.  Thank you in advance to everyone; all donations big and small make a difference! 100% of donations will go to them.

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