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From Lauren Mehl

Pet lovers unite to raise money for Holly's surgery. This adorable foster pup turned family member has been through so much in just six short months!

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A bit of background:

Holly's mom was surrended to the Cleveland APL right before giving birth to her litter. Holly was born in the shelter in late fall of 2013, and at around 5 weeks of age, her mom decided she'd had enough of nursing her babies. The shelter was at maximum capacity, and so some of the pups in Holly's litter would have to leave for foster care, so they'd grow big and strong enough for adoption.

It was Christmas time (2013) when Joanna first decided to foster Holly, and one of her littermates, Bryn. The temporary foster relationship quickly turned to permanent love, and Joanna (and her boyfriend, Alex) adopted Holly and Bryn, making them official family members! The two tiny sisters quickly got adjusted to life as domestic dogs, and happily grew accustomed to the love of their new family! Adoption costs were costly and having two new puppies was so much more than anyone bargained for, but these two dogs were immediately the stars of their new household. 

In March, Joanna was walking the dogs, and out of nowhere a large, aggresssive, stray dog appraoched the three of them. Before Joanna could fight off the stray, Holly suffered a brutal attack, getting bitten in three places and sustaining injuries that required pricy surgeries and lots of healing time and TLC. By that point, we thought for sure that Holly had already endured several years worth of drama and that she was off the hook for a while, but we were wrong. 

Holly is now in an emergency vet clinic due to a bowel obstruction. Her still-not-fully-grown tummy is distended and she is awaiting a lengthy $4,000 surgery. Joanna and Alex knew immediately they'd incur the cost for the procedure, if it meant saving sweet little Holly. But following adoption costs, the expense of Holly's recovery from the attack, and now her current medical situation, her owners are knee-deep in pet medical expenses. Both of them have recently started new careers, and didn't anticipate that what they thought was a healthy little puppy would be such a costly addition to their family.

I hope that you will find it in your heart to help give this sweet animal (whom we've dubbed "Happy Holly," even in spite of her less than fortunate circumstances) a chance to thrive! Your generosity is appreciated more than you could ever imagine.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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