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 It's for  myself. I was in a previous business venture with someone as a 50% owner and at some point my partner couldn't cover their side of the expenses. So i covered them assuming i'd get my money back and never did. Now im 20k in debt and the minimum payments are killing me as i only make 2,250 a month. My credit is shot and my car is breaking down so im losing additional income from making repairs and I just honesty need help. 

I'm in my 20's and I'm trying to hold it all together, prices are increasing while the pay is not and I'd like to avoid breaking the law to make money and it's not getting any easier.

With prices increasing and also being in debt with low income, I was forced to move back with my father and he understood my situation but has recently got himself into debt an d is now asking me for rent to pay his off. The 2,250 is used for bills and food, I tried to call michigan bridges and I can't get anyone on the phone and I'm reluctant to call unemployment (I don't have a job) because the last time they gave me money, they told me I owed i all back.

If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it and this isn't for me to profit, I simply want to pay off my debt and never get back in it.

And if anyone is wondering why I kept using my card(s) it was because if i didn't have any money, i had to use my credit card to eat, fix my car, invest in other ventures, etc. 

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