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My name is Johan and I wish I could get all the help I can in donations, how much do you choose. I have autism and have for 6 years had a job that only thought about money and not me as an employee, so 5 days a week for 6 years they just gave me a lot of bad reviews, that I cleaned badly and miss a lot, this has in turn has led to me getting worse and worse in my mood, depressed and having thoughts of disappearing from the earth. During these years I was never on sick leave but was at home even though I was fine (not having a cold). So the economy has gotten worse. During these years I slept until I came home to the next working day 16:00 to 5:00 in the morning. I barely cooked any food, when I cooked I burned the food, could not clean, take care of my hygiene. Yes, I shut myself in and never told my family and friends for help.

During this time, I meet someone I was with, who had debts and who took advantage of me by not paying for rent and food. We lived on my little salary which was already in chaos .. and then there was a child in the picture. So during these years, debts in the form of loans and credits amount to approximately SEK 800,000. I did not think during this time, I felt so bad so I did not think at all, I was kind of like a bubble / zombie, so did not think at all, it has been empty in my brain at this time. Please, there are some nice companies / individuals / charities that want to help a lost soul, to be able to restart my life and get rid of the debts, and start thinking positively.

Note: I get help from psychiatry, but I still have panic disorder and attacks as well. Troublesome dreams of disappearing.

Thank you, all love to you, you are worth gold if you help me a bit along the way so it will be a relief on my shoulders.

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