Help me not be homeless

Help me not be homeless

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I have a plan I posted it on Facebook. So read my plan and may Jesus speak to your heart to help me please

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This is Tommy MurrayNow you may know me, you may not know me. But I still need help.Now I am gonna make a blog also with my story. I pray as I share my life story and my needs with you that Jesus the Son of God will pour out a burden on your heart to help me in my situaiton. I have turned to God in this time of need in my life and I know I have to humble myself and reach out by asking for your help. Now I am going to upfront with you no sugar coating and no lying, I am not a internet guru. This is not some advertisment. I really am crying out for Jesus to help me thru reaching out to any of you who do know me and care for me and pray for me and those of you that dont know me. I have been carrying a heavy burden and now I am passing the plate to Jesus.I started a campagin so that hopefully enough money can be raised in my situationon a website called My goal on this site is $1500 but I need more and on the bottom of this page I have a goal list. So you will see I have a plan, of course I can only accomplish this with your help.Now that I have listed that if God Burdens any of you to help anything helps. I will share what I am going thru and then list my goals of what I want to achieve with your help.I am 36 and I live in a small town called Paris Texas. It is in northeast Texas. It is 2 hours northeast of Dallas. I will give you a little history about me and get to rhe present.I have been married for 7 years. I originally am from Los Angeles California.I grew up there and 1 day I got the call of my life by the lord to Get Saved. That was on November 17th of 1998. I was in Santa Monica and a preacher was preaching there and God burdened my heart that night.I knew somehow I was following something I didnt understand.But I got saved the next night at a service in the Basketball Gym at the Dream Center. Pastor Matthew was PReaching that night.So then God started to open my eyes that night and I spent about 2 years in Discipleship at Hope for Homeless Youth.And after that I went on to find a job and stayed at New Beginnings. And I met a woman who I thought knew Jesus Well I spent about a year or so with her.She in the end divorced me, broke my heart and had a child she gave away to her family that I fought to see but her family was to rich and played merry go round legally to keep me from ever seeing this child or getting the oportunity to raise him so he was adopted. She did alot of things wrong but I am still praying for her that one day she truly comes to know the lord. I have forgiven her and her family for what they did. After I left Sulphur Springs Texas I went back to California. After that time I started spending alot of time with 2 freinds. that I have known for a long time.Kevin Kittle which is with God now, and Glen Gardner.And in December of 2004 my real mom and dad after 0ver 20 years of being separated found me when I was 27. And so I went to go meet them and stayed with them for a little while. Well after staying with my mom and dad and working too, in Northern California, I got served at my Job in Sacramento for Child Support and so I stared trying to find out what I needed to know from my x-wife but she avoided me. Well after several months a woman got in conact with me and told me alot about this child I am paying child support for, so I after talking to this woman for several months I decided to go to Texas again and try to get custody or visitations with this child. Well I wound up getting married to this woman who gave me alot of helpful information about this child.Well the legal fight I lost and the child was lost to adoption. But during that battle I had started a new chapter in my life with my new wife. And she seemed to have strong beliefs and faith at first but that has al changed in 7 years.I was in a auto accident in December of 2012. But Jesus isnt thru with me yet, I survived from the accident. At this time I was working 2 jobs. And this accident has changed my life for the worst. We hired an attorney to take care of this  the attorney has worked very hard on this case but because of alot of reasons cant put a close to this case yet.And a disability case has been opened on me by my attorney, that is going to take some time to get. Disability always has a alot of red tape. So now I live with major pain day in and day out. I am a surgical case my Surgery alot will cost $270,000. But Thats not my major need right now. Although it is 1 need.Now after all that I have no job, no income, no vehicle, and I have no assets. My wife filed the Divorce last week.Now she wants me out of her Dad's house and she has already gotten a eviction notice, and she hasnt posted it yet but once she does I have 3 days to move out or she can legally call the Lamar County Sheriff and have me thrown out. So my time is short, 2 to maybe 4 days to be somewhere else.Now here are my goals with your help. and my goal is for $8500 or more. 1. Find a place to rent.2. Pay my rent up for 1 year3. Pay up utilities for 1 year 4. Get a cheap vehicle like from the local ads that someone is personally selling so I dont wind up in a monthly payment.5. Get into DARS Division For Rehabilitation Services which will help me get the nesassary education I need to get back into the workforce with my disabilty which is my back. Even with the pain I can do a desk job but it takes time to get that education thru DARS I can do it with your help. And I have a little boy. he is 5. His name is Zach. he is a great Kid.  My x-wife did file a fair divorce which means I will be able to see my son. But I have to be on feet first and then she will let him stay with me like on weekends or something. So I am going to share this story where I can to get the financial support needed to achieve these goalsMy campaign: "Help me not be homeless" is underway and in order to reach my goal I need your contribution. How your donation will help: The reason I started this campaign is because I have asked local churches they didnt help. I dont know anyone in the Northeast Texas area, unfortunatly due to my anti-social recently became my x-wife after she filed the Divorce last week, and decided she would just kick me out on the street with no where to go. Anyone can help it doesnt matter how little or how much every bit helps, those of you that remember me especially from Dream Center can help me financially. I can no longer live with my x-wife, and I have been in a car accident, it happened in December of 2012. I am now disabled, and I cant work on my feet for more than 2 or 3 hours without sitting for several hours for the pain to go away. I have to have L4 and L5 lumbars in my lower spine just above my tailbone, I am always in severe pain when it comes even though I have something for the pain, so that makes it iumpossible for me to hold down a job.  I am surgical and I cannot afford the surgery at this time. I have just got my filing done for disability. I know that will take a long time, I cant wait on that right now. My goal is to have enough money thru this campaign to get a apartment to rent and pay it up for at least a few months while I go to the local college here and take classes to work a office job here in Northeast Texas, which will take a few months to get that education which I can handle physically because I believe that is a smart choice and the best option for me to stay close to my son, which he is 5 and loves me very much, and I dont want to break his little heart by not being able to see him, but my wife has put me in a bad position. So please help me. I love Jesus Christ and I know that he died on the cross for my sins.I believe Jesus rose from the dead on third Day, and that Jesus is sitting next to the throne, with God the Father. I have been praying and praying for Jesus to help me, and I know the first step is to ask for help so I am asking you please help me.I want to connect with any of the churches in the Dallas/Ft Worth area to get into ministry so I can be of service once again to the Lord in ministry, and be close to my son thank you n Making a donation is super easy! Simply visit my campaign page and click donate. Any amount makes a difference!

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