Help me pay my student loan after I was affected by Covid-19

Help me pay my student loan after I was affected by Covid-19

From Sarah S.

Dear all, I lost my job during COVID and I am not able to finish repaying my student loan since the deadline is February 2021. My family is also going through financial stress. I would truly appreciate your help.

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Dear Fundly Community, I hope you are doing well in these challenging times. First of all, I want to thank you for taking some time to read my story.  I am writing to ask for your help to get out of a very unfortunate situation that has begun during the pandemic.

Hi everyone!

I am 24, I am from Mississippi and I am asking your help to finish paying my student loan after I got fired during COVID.

I come from a very humble family that lives in a small village in Mississippi and I am the very first person in my family that had the possibility to go to university. I have always worked part-time jobs since I was 16 to help my family in every-day spending and save money to earn a Bachelor’s Degree because my family could not afford to fully support me. My father is a workman and has always worked hard but still struggled to support the entire family.My mother struggled to find jobs, so she was also working part-time as a cleaning lady to support the family somehow. My savings, few of my family’s savings and my hard work allowed me to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics with class honours, which motivated me even more to continue my path towards a Master’s Degree.My dream has always been supporting companies to implement sustainable projects that both help poor communities to improve their living conditions and avoid polluting production processes to occur. I found a Master in Environmental Sciences Management and decided to apply. However, completing my degree was almost impossible considering how high the tuition fee was and there was no way that my family could have financially supported me. My younger brother wanted to start university as well and they had to find a way to support him at the same time. I had some savings because I kept working part-time during my Bachelor, but they were not enough to support my studies.  I decided to apply for a student loan that helped me to move and earn my Master’s Degree. Right after I found a job and started paying my loan back. Unfortunately, COVID happened and I was fired a few months ago and this put me in a disastrous position considering that I have 5.000$ to pay still and February 2021 is the final deadline for it. I now fear that I will not be able to repay the loan before the deadline and that this will also affect my family and I do not wish to put them in additional concern, considering the financial and emotional instability they are currently going through.  I cannot give up without trying everything that is in my power which is why I am now kindly asking for your support to help me get out of this unfortunate situation. Any amount would be highly appreciated and I will be more than grateful to all of you for supporting my cause.  Thank you very much again for reading my entire story and I hope to receive your precious help! I wish you all an amazing ending of the year! Sarah. S. 

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