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Don't skip this if you don't want it to be happening to you!!!

Hi. I'm a 22 years old girl and last week I got scammed by real estate.

I've been working part time for 3 years to moved out from dormitory because I'm gonna graduate from university. 

So I've been saving my money so much, I hardly hanging out with my friends or even spending or things or foods that cost a lot of money just so I could get my own place.

And I saw an advertisement from a website where it's shows sell list of houses. So I found a small house that I thought would be comfortable for me to live with since I live alone so I don't need a big house. 

I met with a woman that saying she is the owner and because I thought it was good with everything so I made the deal. I have no experience before with it so I just agreed to it.

After that, she asked me to pay for the house deposit right away and with a security deposit. The stupid thing is that I gave it right away because I didn't know about it and she said that she gonna contact me after everything done and I should come again to the house next week with the same time.

So the next week I came but I was surprised because there is someone that staying at the house and saying that they're the owner and they don't sell the house because they just bought it!! 

I was confused and very very down hearing about their explanation. And when I tried to check again the advertisement it's already gone. 

So I went to the police station and report about it. But the police couldn't do anything or return back my money and he said that there was 10 people report about the same thing. On how the woman using fake name and that's why she didn't even contact us her phone number. My money just lost by it.

The lesson that I learned is that never gave money to the person in the first place before everything is clear and go to a trusted real estate agency rather than just at a website because it could be deleted anytime. 

After reading my story, I hope any of you could donate me some money to help me find a place to live. I'm an orphanage and I don't have any family members that I know. Here is my PayPal, every of your donation mean so much for me Thank you so much for reading this.

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