missionary needs help to fight CANCER

missionary needs help to fight CANCER

From Surya Bhandari

A devoted missionary served others for 35+ yrs. Now, he needs us. Your help not only provides a shelter for his recovery, but creates a sanctuary for countless missionaries in future. Your support changes lives. Join us.

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In life, some of us are fortunate to cross paths with truly extraordinary individuals who radiate purpose and sacrifice. Mr. Ablehawk Saune is one such beacon of hope and resilience. Having served as an unwavering missionary to natives in India for 35 years, his dedication stands testament to the depth of his faith and his commitment to service. However, life, in its unpredictable rhythm, has thrown him into a whirlwind of challenges. Stripped of his job during the pandemic and diagnosed with colon cancer, Mr. Able, who once brought hope to many, now finds himself at the brink of despair.

But this is not just about one man. This is about preserving the legacy of faith, courage, and indomitable spirit. By raising funds, we're not just securing a shelter for a post-operative recovery or a roof over his head. We are building a sanctuary, a testament to resilience, and ensuring that the flame of service that Mr. Able embodies doesn't flicker out in the cold wind of adversity.

I urge you to join me in this mission. Your contribution isn't just monetary. It's an investment in hope, compassion, and the enduring spirit of humanity. Let us come together and shine a light where darkness seeks to prevail.

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