**UPDATED** Help Save A Kitten Left For Dead In A Dumpster

**UPDATED** Help Save A Kitten Left For Dead In A Dumpster

From Lea Springstead

On 12/2/14 a 3 week old kitten was found in a dumpster, close to death. She is slowly recovering, but her progress has been substantial. Please help off set vet bills for me.

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It has been a long day. After I was done frantically posting for help on fb last night, I spoke to the vet and was told that she started eating on her own! By the lunch time at work today I got a call from the vet saying she was ready to go home! After work I went to get her and I can't believe it's the same kitten. The vet really took it easy on me & knocked my bill down to $415. I just put it on a credit card. From how bad she was the other night I thought she would have to be there till the weekend. My god is she ever a playful, loving sweet kitty! Here she is in my lap  I'm so happy 

This has been one of the most moving experiences of my entire life. I feel like I understand the value of life and compassion in a way that I never have before. While I am saddened that it took something like this to make me feel this way, I am so grateful for this sweet new addition to my family. Thank you to everyone who has donated, I am so impressed by the kindness and love that is abundant in our world for animals in need. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

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Yesterday a 3 week old kitten was found in a dumpster behind my job. I took her home to try to feed her, but she took a turn for the worst. She was suffering from severe hypothermia and severe low blood sugar. She was starved and freezing, and thrown away like trash. She was so close to death that she just laid there and moaned. This was the saddest thing I have ever seen, I am crying as I am writing this. I took her to Flannery Animal hospital in New Windsor, the veterinarian told me she wouldn't be surprised is she passed within a few minuets (after we arrived). But she survived, she is alive today and making great progress. She is moving around and it looks like she will make it if she has proper veterinary care. Right now she has to be tube fed, because she is too weak to eat on her own. Animal shelters and sanctuaries won't take a kitten that needs to be tube fed, because this is a clinical procedure that they are unable to preform. So she has to stay at the vet until she can nurse. I am more then willing to drain my bank account for this sweet kitten. I have never seen anything so helpless, so innocent, so incredibly sad, and so in need of love and care. As of tonight 12/3/14, the vet bill is $600. Please help me save this innocent, sweet, beautiful baby kitty. Please, anything will help. 

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