Help Save Ukrainian Lives & Help Wounded Soldiers!

Help Save Ukrainian Lives & Help Wounded Soldiers!

From Yevgeniy Golant

We are raising money for the people of Ukraine! Donations will go towards medical supplies and equipment for soldiers and will be delivered directly to them. Support our campaign, follow our progress & share with others!

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We are a group of friends of Ukrainian and Russian origin that are appalled by the war and the toll it has taken on the people of Ukraine. Although we are aware that there are government programs and charities operating in Ukraine, and we support those efforts, we have also been in touch with friends in the Ukrainian army and understand the shortcomings of these initiatives. We have begun supporting two Ukrainian army units directly.

Through our interaction with these soldiers, we have come to realize that unfortunately, whether because of a lack of resources or sadly due to ongoing corruption, the Ukrainian government is still not able to provide adequate supplies and equipment to its troops. If you're looking for a way to help (with evidence of a direct impact), please join us by donating to this effort.

The units we have been helping are 1) a sapper/bomb disposal team where Volodymir is serving. He and his team are currently on the front and featured in the photos we are sharing. The soldiers dispose of unexploded ordinance and mines. And 2) a medical unit where his wife Oksana serves. The equipment we send is 100% not offensive in nature and is intended to save lives. Equipment includes helmets, tablets to control drones for locating and mapping mines, and most significantly medical supplies.

Medical supplies are especially crucial. Until recently, the medics have been making due with what the government supplied, but these supplies are of very low quality and inadequate for the job of saving soldiers' lives. For example, tourniquets provided by army logistics break instead of cutting off blood flow. In a medical evacuation where minutes matter, it is crucial that all equipment functions correctly. In another example, a sapper recently suffered a horrible eye wound due to shrapnel. This could have been avoided if the proper eyewear had been available. We have since supplied his team with the correct protective gear, but his life will never be the same. Setting aside how it's possible that the government supplies are of such low quality (or non-existent), we have decided to take it upon ourselves to procure and deliver the right equipment to the troops that need it most.

The current request we are working on procuring includes: helmets and tablets for those on the frontlines and blood clotting granules and applicators, clotting gauze, vented chest seals (for chest wounds where air is trapped in the chest cavity), compression bandages, syringes, etc. for the medics. The cost of the current shipment will be ~$15,000. We aim to raise at least that much, but hope we can raise more in case additional shipments are needed. If no additional shipments are needed, the balance will be used to fund medical treatment (including prosthetics) for wounded sappers and support for the families of those killed.

We will spend the money we raise buying the supplies listed. Once the supplies are purchased and the shipment is ready, we will pack the supplies into boxes and volunteers will fly with the boxes on a LOT flight to Poland. From Poland, others will take the shipment into Ukraine, and ultimately directly to the troops. We have included photos of the volunteers as well as photos of previously delivered supplies. From completing the purchases in the US to the troops in Ukraine, the process takes about 1 week.

Please help us support the people of Ukraine by donating to this page. We pledge to 1) procure no weapons 2) only supplies directly needed by those fighting or saving lives and 3) verifying that supplies reach their intended destination.

Some photos of the project are below.

Our friends the medic and sapper:

Supplies (blood clotting powder) we purchased previously being packed up for the plane to Poland:

Volunteers in Ukraine taking the supplies to the front:

Medic with the blood clotting product and other supplies:Sapper / bomb disposal troops doing their jobs:

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