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Waheed Abdulrahman is my friend. I met him in 2011 when my wife and I found work in Kuwait. Over our three years living in Kuwait, Waheed became my life-long brother. He is 61-years old, from Dara’a, Syria. Waheed and his family moved to Kuwait in 1963, and he’s lived there ever since, except for a brief period during the first Gulf War. He left high school after 9th grade to help his father support their large family. Later, Waheed married and had 4 sons (and is now blessed with 2 grandchildren). He has worked hard over his 61 years to support his family. Now, he needs our help. Due to economic hardship, Waheed’s family had to split up. Waheed and his oldest son Odaay stayed in Kuwait to work and support the rest of the family, while his wife and other sons Adel, Mohammed, and Ali remained in Dara’a, were the cost of living is very low. When the Syrian Revolution began, his sons initially joined up to fight Assad’s oppression. His son Mohammed worked as a citizen-journalist, and his videos aired on Al-Arabia, one the biggest News Networks in the Arab world. He was wounded while taking videos of regime soldiers shooting at unarmed protestors. His sons later participated in military operations against Assad’s army. When non-local jihadi groups moved into the Dara’a region and took control of the local militia, his sons quit fighting. They objected to the group’s radical ideology as un-Islamic and unpatriotic. As the fighting worsened, Waheed’s family became refugees in both Turkey and Germany. Now the family is fractured in three different countries. Because of his age, Waheed recently lost his job and hence a sponsor for his Kuwaiti residence visa. He can’t go back to Syria for threat to his life. He’s stuck in Kuwait. He owes money to the Kuwaiti government for his expired visa. He needs money for a Turkish visa, travel expenses, and living money for the transition until he’s able to find work. Will you help Waheed and his family?

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