Help us build our Compassion Centre

Help us build our Compassion Centre

From Andrea Gung

Duo Duo Project is building a Compassion Centre in the heart of one of China's most prevalent dog-eating cities, MuDanJiang (MDJ), to support the community and show the value of dogs as friends not food to young people.

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Duo Duo is building a Youth Compassion Center in the heart of the dog meat trade

Duo Duo Project is embarking on a major construction project in the heart of one of China's most prevalent dog-eating cities, MuDanJiang (MDJ).  We are building a Compassion Center, aimed at youth, which will give young people of this city a place to hang out, have fun, exercise, and understand the value of dogs as friends not food. Our strategic mission is to end the dog meat trade forever by working with the local communities in which these cruel practises operate. Duo Duo is now a recognised NGO in the city of MuDanJiang, and a trusted organisation within the community - something we have worked incredibly hard to achieve. This Compassion Center acts as a major step forward for us.   

We are in the process of promoting legislation that will outlaw the dog meat trade in China, and young people are playing an extremely important role. Our center will provide a much-needed facility to hold animal welfare education programs that would plant the seed of compassion in young people. Additionally, this impressive center (which will carry Duo Duo's logo and name) will further legitimise Duo Duo Project 's status in MDJ.  Ultimately  Duo Duo will be recognized as an outstanding NGO in China which will build a stronger bond with other local governments and further our "end the dog meat" agenda throughout China.

Duo Duo Project has a successful track record of creating change in China

China only has shelters in some major rich cities, like Beijing and Shanghai,  not in poor cities like Yulin and MDJ where the dog eating practice is rampant.  That was until Duo Duo stepped in. Before Duo Duo’s shelter was built in 2017, it was impossible for any local kids to play or walk with a dog.  This is something we are now so used to doing in our community shelters.  The shelter was built with kind donations from supporters like you, and kind contributions also helped us hire 5 dog-loving young staff who are able to work in their dream jobs.   

Before the shelter was developed... 

...and after!

Duo Duo Project recently became certified by the MDJ government as a legal NGO, so now we have permission to build a Compassion Youth Center in the heart of the city!  With your support, we will be able to build a multi-functioning center.  It will not only provide dog-loving people another place to play with dogs in our “Doggie World”, but also attract other young people to come and enjoy all the fun facilities, including our onsite gym. By doing this, Duo Duo Project will be encouraging young people, who are indifferent about dogs and cats and have a high potential to pick up the dog eating practice, to come to our center and choose a different path. In addition to the Doggie World and gym, we will have state of the art projectors to play animal-related “movies” and more.      

Generous donations from people like you helped us build our shelter in MDJ, and now we are depending on your support to build our Compassion Center. Every dollar you donate will help us achieve our goal of building this youth center; a place that will cultivate compassion - a precious quality that Duo Duo Project has been trying to empower the young generation in China with. We believe compassion is the foundation to end the dog meat trade forever.  Any amount of donation is much appreciated  

Thank you for your continued support - it fuels our work ending the dog meat trade in China

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