Help Us, Our House Is Slowly Collapsing!

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Hey everyone, we are organizing this fundraiser to improve and enhance the safety of our home. We are a family of 6 children; the youngest is now 2.

We had to leave our home country because of a war, it has been difficult to find suitable housing as my father is disabled. We have not acquired citizenship yet, so the government cannot help us.

When my father was young, he was hit by a car and nearly paralyzed. Fortunately, he survived the accident, but he was unable to provide for the family. My father tried to help us in many ways but was unable to do so because of his physical problems. It really hurts him that his family needed so much support and he couldn't provide it.

As you can see from the pictures, our walls are badly cracked and the roof is in danger of collapsing at any moment. This situation causes fear for me and my family, especially at night when we are trying to sleep.

We fled our country for fear of dying under the rubble, not to end up under it this time.

The balcony is also a risky part of the house, so we've tried adding wooden supports to prevent it from falling, but honestly, we don't expect it to last another year, it's causing our upstairs wall to literally fall apart. Anything would help.

Thank you.

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