Help us Save Leo!

Help us Save Leo!

From Chad Papineau

Our horse is in desperate need for medical attention that is way beyond our means, anything would be a blessing! He got caught in a wire fence and cut his right hind leg to the bone.

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Hi my name is Chad Papineau, I am starting this GoFund me to help save the life of our beloved 4yr old Thoroughbred gelding Hashtag Leostrong, also lovingly known as Leonard around the barn, or simply Leo. My girlfriend Liona Flood and I are trying to rally the community together to get him to the hospital ASAP.

Leo has been up to some antics the last month, first he required stitches in his face, then the day those stitches were removed he had another serious incident...

On February 9th Leo caught his leg in the poly wire fencing and cut his right hind leg to the bone, just below the hock on the inside, along with stripping away flesh. He was found and the treated by the large animal vet immediately. Given antibiotics and a treatment plan. We have been in full contact with the vet through all of this. Not only is this wound deep, but it is in a terrible place for bandaging... he is also a young, active, hot blooded horse.

Despite the very best efforts made by the vet, Liona and the farm he is boarded at, to clean, treat and properly bandage the injury, he is taking the wrong turn and needs to have hospital treatment immediately. It is a high possibility he is developing an infection of the bone called Osteomyelitis and/or infection could go to the hock joint, the sooner he gets to the care of the Tufts university hospital, the more likely it is he can pull through and live!

This horse is so very special, a truly gentle soul, a barn favorite, cuddly, loveable and full of playful antics. He tries to be the very best boy, even while he's been in so much pain, his gentle nature has not faltered. If a horse deserved to have a community of people pull together for him, this is the the guy!

We have a good relationship with his breeder out in NY, she had told us the incredible story of when he first came into this world as a tiny, weak little foal with the will to live! When he was born, his ears flopped over and she affectionately began to call him Leo, for Leo the lop, hence his JC name Hashtag Leostrong... Leo made it through his difficult beginning and became a beautiful, wonderful individual. When he was only days old, his mother had also stepped on him, only to make matters more difficult for the little horse.

If you can find it in your hearts to help him make it through another trying time, even a small amount helps! We have already spent quite a bit of money to get to this point. With raising children, car issues and other horses, we are struggling, but wish to see him make it through. We have reached out to several organizations to see if even surrendering him could help him get the funds for the best chance to survive this... but as most people know, the rescues are all struggling with feeding the ones they already have.

This is our effort to get him the highest chance of making it!

Even if you cannot donate, please share and spread the word! Even if you can only donate a few dollars, any amount helps.

The hospital is requiring a 75% up front $4-5000 deposit, depending on what the x-rays reveal, to accept him to begin the process of treatments. It is possible this hospital stay could be even more, we don't know till we get to that point.

if he doesn't receive aggressive treatments NOW, this could be a story of him being put to sleep.

Again, PLEASE SHARE! The more people this reaches, the more likely we can rally!! Thank you for reading!

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