Heroes Among Us Inc.

Heroes Among Us Inc.

From Micheal Davis

We are a nonprofit organization that helps youths with special needs transition to adulthood. We are dedicated to developing communities to help these youths grow out of their parent’s homes and into independent housing.

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 At some point you have read these words on some kind of business or project. A typical pitch would start out with “I know what you are thinking,” but that is just it.

WE DON’T! Expectations are all any of us have.  Often, our expectations are just misunderstandings. That is what Heroes Among Us Inc. wants to change. The view and expectations of people. We all think differently, act differently, and are completely unique. WE strive to change the stigma of everyday people, especially those with special needs.

 Special needs individuals are misinterpreted, mistreated, and misrepresent by people who lack the care needed to making sure that they find their place in OUR society.  Every year there are special needs individuals who become homeless or are mistreated by someone who does not want to care for them or find it too much for them to take on after the special needs individuals parents pass on. Even though the parents have put particular things in place for the special needs individuals care this is happening more and more often. This has to change!

WE need YOU! To help us, help them. To change for the record that all people deserve to be treated and judge fairly not on ability, but on the possibility. Give Special needs a chance. Change the world! Come and join US in OUR cause!

                                  Mission Statement

WE are a nonprofit organization that is committed to the care and development of special needs children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Mental illness, and serious illness into adulthood by teaching them living and life skills so that they can transition out of their parents’ home into independent living.

WE achieve this by first building and facilitating the training centers. Continually working with parents and families in this learning process. WE then build the communities for OUR special needs’ children, young adults, adults, their families, as well as supporting staff to reside. These communities will also include housing for OUR special needs’ children, their parents, family, support staff, and individuals who understand and are sympathetic to their needs. These communities will also include retail, commercial, business shops and space. WE also work to pay some medical bills, and travel to and from appointments Special needs individuals.

 WE are giving a chance! Changing the minds and expectations of What Special needs can really do! WE are changing the world one person, one community at a time! 

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