Home sweet home

Home sweet home

From Becka Casey

I am raising money for my broken family to be able to find a home to move into and bring all of us back together as a unit again .Right now My children and I have been separated for over a year while l live in a motel.

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  • I hate to ask for anything and those who know me know this well. I'm out of options though and lately I'm feeling hopeless for any solution .See for the last year and a half I have been living in a hotel in my home town it's about half a mile from my job so I can walk to and from work every day .I walk everywhere because I haven't got a car .The worst part of the situation is my children had to be split and sent to a temporary home with family members till I'm able to find us a home again . I miss 5hem terribly ! I don't get any kind of assistance with my hotel fee me and my boyfriend of 5 years pay $105.57 a night every night to live here.we do get 1 day free on Sat .to help a little but it's impossible to save money to get a place when we're spending this much a day .we pay 3100 a month here no kitchen and no fancy amenities just a small room with 1 bed and a microwave.the problem with this is that most places want deposit and first months rent but I only make 9 an hour which is $480 every two weeks   and that's not nearly enough to cover our shelter and food not to mention kids.my boyfriend works also but it's cash 100 a day still not enough to get out of here .I dream of the day my boys and i will be together agin in a home of our own and I feel I'm loosing faith about alot . if everyone could share this and if at all possible, please a little is better than none  .Donate to our cause and help us to move into a home and be a family  agin .In the past 3 years I've lost so much of what belongings  time is the most precious of all and .y boys are quickly growing up .I need to be back with them before I can't  no longer hold them or snuggle.they are growing at an alarming rate .I just want a real miracle to bless us to reunite and live happily ever after with each other .please help if you can or if you know of some where to rent  in Buford that's around 1000 a month no more .please and Thank you all in advance.

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