Hope and Success For The People

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Hope and Success For The People

From Phillip Fleming

Start-up expenses: website, social media advertising, Google Workspace, marketing and recruitment of volunteers and interns; Other expenses: advocacy efforts, scholarships for peer-run and peer-oriented conferences

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As the Chief Administrative Officer at Mindful Living LCSW, PLLC (a private practice based in Yonkers NY), I manage the scheduling, billing, and insurance claims for a mental health private practice, as well as efforts to create the Division of Peer Services. I am certified as a Recovery Peer Advocate (CRPA) and a Peer Specialist-Provisional (NYCPS-P) by the Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Providers of New York State and the New York Peer Specialist Certification Board respectively since 2020. Mindful Living will be applying to become a Community Oriented Recovery and Empowerment (CORE) service provider with the New York State Office of Mental Health this year.

I also volunteer as a tax preparer at Community Tax Aid NYC and a peer specialist at Fountain House, a community-based organization that supports people living with mental illness. I have been volunteering at Fountain House for over three years, and I have developed skills in group facilitation, professional development, digital writing, and public speaking over a time span of 15+ years to date. I am very passionate about empowering and educating others on mental health and recovery topics, and I have published several articles and poems in online magazines and platforms. I am also a member of the Fountain House Board of Directors and the Board of Directors at Community Tax Aid NYC; Peer Galaxy, and the New York Association of Black Psychologists...in addition to working as a Contract Substitute Teacher and NYSED Credentialed Teaching Assistant with the Geneva (NY) City School District.

Executive Summary:

The purpose of this proposal is to forge a strategic relationship between HSFTP and every single donor and grant-funding stream to build, strengthen, and maintain a base of donors, partners, consultants, grant-sources, peers. and peer professionals as HSFTP do the work of improving the quality of life for those persons living with mental health and substance use challenges through the approach of person-centerness and self-direction. 

The Business has developed a new tax preparation, notary public, guest speakers, mental health and peer advocacy, resource-building, seminars which has the following specifications and advantages over similar services in the industry: 

  - All of these supports and services are designed to engage communities and provide the tools and resources they need to improve their own quality of life. It is all about encouragement, engagement, and empowerment. 

 - Advocate for peers who have been downtrodden, gaslighted, and disadvantaged by institutions that promote, directly or indirectly, socioeconomic and systemic racism and victimization. Every person deserves to have all the necessary social and community services and supports. 

The Business has a window of opportunity to introduce its services and gain a significant piece of the market share. The new product/service caters to a wide range of customers and is expected to hold a market share of approximately 21.06%, the percentage of New Yorkers currently living with mental health challenges. 

Hope and Success For The People will become a part of the Division of Peer Services, Mindful Living LCSW, PLLC.

Project Description:

The project will be completed at follows: 

 - Phase 1 - Completed (Articles of Incorporation, Notice of Intent to operate as a 501c4, purchase of a Google Workspace account with a domain name for a website).

- Phase 2 - Completed Signing the organization's bylaws; register business with the New York State Office of the Attorney General's Bureau of Charities and Nonprofit.

- Phase 3 - Create a fundraising campaign, seek out and apply for federal and state grants.

 - Phase 4 - Once funding is obtained) purchase an e-fax account, office equipment, and supplies; pay for peer professional memberships such as CCAR's Recovery Coach Professional and the International Association of Recovery Coaches, tax preparation software, accounting software, notary public testing and licensure; retake the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy and Peer Ethics training (updated version); conduct first Board of Directors' meeting; start Facebook advertising campaign. 

 - Phase 5 - Bringing on other peer professional staff, networking and marketing campaigns on social media and through community outreach and engagement; conduct a monthly meeting with all volunteers and interns; fund advocacy efforts

Organization website: https://recoverynow.co.site

The Peer Radio Network website: https://live365.com/station/The-Peer-Radio-Network-a26472

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