Hotel 2 Home by Hotel Vouchers 4 All

Hotel 2 Home by Hotel Vouchers 4 All

From Loxie Gant

We are asking 1 million people to give as low as $1 to help us house our homeless neighbors. Our government is not going to save us- we are all we have! Help our homeless community members enter into housing!

Loxie Gant posted a new update:
almost 4 years ago

Update #3

“Hotel Vouchers 4 All” is the only COVID-19 prevention specific shelter in San Diego city that accepted children and those with disabilities since the beginning of the pandemic. “Hotel Vouchers 4 All” is a project in partnership with San Diego Youth Development Foundation (501c3) which has been purely funded through grassroots donations and small community grants run entirely by volunteers.

In our efforts to “flatten the curve” through temporary homeless placement in socially distancing appropriate and hygienic hotel rooms we have provided temporary shelter for over 100 individuals while they transition to permanent housing, as well as supported over 200 people in connections to food and resources.

We are currently housing 17 adults and 18 children, all unhoused in need of shelter during the pandemic. We have also been providing food, necessary clothing, transportation, aid in finding and acquiring all available governmental assistance, job placement, automobile acquisition and more. All of this we have done has proved that the “Housing First” model- when led with care and empathy- can truly work.

We are currently at a crossroads that we will no longer be able to provide these services due to lack of financial donations within the next 5 days. All our staff is purely volunteer and we have no overhead other than the hotel rooms themselves. We currently have 14 rooms that we receive at a negotiated rate of $55 dollars per night. We are in desperate need of fiscal support to keep our operation running. A grant or donation of any size would enable us continue our work and keep this families sheltered.

The true measure of the funds provided will be shown by our operation continuing- which is to keep children and those with disabilities off the streets, socially distanced and at low-risk for transmission of COVID-19, healthy and fed with the ultimate goal of transitioning everyone to permanent housing and finding stable employment.

Please see our websites and social media for more information and updates, photos, and personal stories. 

Our Links: 


San Diego Youth Development Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit operating in San Diego, California since 2009. EIN: 26-4239279.

Contact Information: [email protected]

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Loxie Gant posted a new update:
about 4 years ago

Update #1

In order to flatten the curve, we are told to shelter in place- but what about our unhoused community?

Our local government has been trying but failing at giving safe and "social distancing appropriate" shelter to our unhoused neighbors. In order to "flatten the curve". A few amazing local activists, Tasha Williamson and Amie Zamudio have joined together and are obtaining hotel rooms and providing services for our most vulnerable citizens. They have currently housed and supported over 50 people. Our team is also comprised of a handful of dedicated volunteers who are doing everything they can to support the effort on the ground.

A majority of the funds raised are used to pay for the hotels rooms we have negotiated down to a very reasonable rate. This hotel is also able to keep their staff because of the patronage. Other items the donations are used for is acquiring food, hygiene, and needed clothing items for our residents. Please share this link on your social media or with anyone you know who may have the resources or network to contribute.

We need more help and here's how you can help us:
* Please donate here! Any amount is welcome - $5 or $5000. You participation in any way is valued.

* By being affiliated with a 501c3 - you would like to make a donation that way and get a tax document for your physical or fiscal donation- I can provide that for you!

* We have a need for food. We are providing food each day - if you have any connections to a restaurant, store, etc. that would be interested in providing food for our 30 current residents we would be so grateful. You can email me to set that up as well. Because of our 501c3 status I can also provide tax documentation of the non-fiscal donation.
* If you have any other ideas about way you can be involved or help- please message me here and let me know!

* We began our fundraising efforts with a GoFundMe
but there was a glitch with our GoFundMe but once we were able to provide them a full accounting of receipts and verification of how the donations were utilized they reactivated our account so our GoFundMe is still operating! We did get some amazing press last night from NBC if you'd like to check it out.

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