How to earn bitcoins for free?

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It is known that bitcoins are one of the most expensive digital currencies. There is nothing strange that most people around the world would simply not mind earn free bitcoinsbecause today it is quite realistic to implement. Experts argue that cryptocurrency remains illegal in many countries. But businessmen, politicians, famous people all over the world don’t stop investing in it. There are ways to earn cryptocurrencies for ordinary people who do not have capital to invest in.

The most relevant ways to earn free bitcoins

Since the concept of "mining" has long been known to many, it remains to figure out which process of mining digital currency is the most relevant, which method is most expedient and what points you should pay attention to in order to earn free bitcoins.

Cloud mining

Without mining, you can neither buy cryptocurrency nor sell it. Miners often use powerful electronics and cool software to find special hash codes through which they carry out transactional processes related to the transfer of bitcoins. Naturally, to earn free bitcoin using this method is easier and faster, but there are several main nuances to consider:

  • it is related to hardware;
  • a lot of money spent on the equipment;
  • need of special programs;
  • need to pay a lot for electricity;
  • computer with great power.

So, your gadget will mine cryptocurrency on a special platform, and you will pay a commission. Earnings will depend on all factors and you will get the first crypto coins from the commission.

Freelance exchanges where payment is made in cryptocurrency money

This method is the most logical. It is often used by people working in the following areas:

  • copywriting and rewriting;
  • IT developers;
  • marketers;
  • other remote professions.

People offer the performance of specific services, wishing to have payment in cryptocurrency. Remote specialists can keep money in bitcoins or withdraw them to a bank card and then receive them.

Cashback services in bitcoins

Who would not say anything, but earn free btc really and with the help of many services that return the so-called "cash" for purchases via the Internet. It's easy to deal with. Young people understand exactly how it works. Such method is suitable for absolutely everyone who likes to buy in online remote platforms.

Lending bitcoin funds

The modernized method appealed to many startups. The fact is that sometimes you can’t do without a loan, so borrowers have come up with their own way to earn money. Lenders issue crypto loans at high interest rates, and then simply wait for the borrowers to repay them on time or with higher interest rates, if the borrower does not have time to repay the loan funds on time.

Such loans are issued on special exchanges, where, accordingly, bitcoins go. Naturally, before issuing bitcoin funds, exchange employees are simply obliged to check the person. After that, they consider an application for a loan and form everything needed. Loans are issued under conditions which are specified in the contract.

Publications about bitcoin

This method is little known, but miners have managed to get acquainted with it. What should be done? Pay attention to news websites like also. So, everything is simple:

  • write articles about blockchain;
  • write publications online about cryptocurrency;
  • write posts on related topics;
  • vote in various communities;
  • leave comments under articles by different authors and much more.

Games as a way to earn bitcoins

No one can doubt that modern online games bring income to their players. And if at first it may seem that the method is somewhat lengthy, then it is not. It all depends on how determined the gamer is to play the game, how much he likes it and how he copes with the levels. Moreover, you can play with modern mobile smartphones, and not only with powerful computers. So, in games, you can earn Satoshi, for example, by completing a mission or by completing stages. You can also sell some finds to other gamers and get bitcoins for this.

For example, the well-known and beloved game opens up the possibility for any player to receive free dogecoins. To do this, you need to register, get acquainted with the algorithms and start using the concept of mining embedded in the game to extract the dogecoin for free cryptocurrency.


Сranes today belong to Internet sites. Huge number of advertising blocks are placed there daily. On advertising, you can earn specifically for clicks. More clicks, more earnings, including the more views, the more you can earn. It is necessary to thoroughly understand how this cryptocurrency ecosystem works.


If there is a desire to "acquire" free bitcoins, and put them into circulation, all you need is to act: study each real method, understand how it works and which one is easiest to use.

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