How to Make a Donation to a Charity

How to Make a Donation to a Charity

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In the present day, there are a lot of ways to donate to charity for your desired cause, from using your credit card or checkbook to even setting up an organization for it. You can always donate according to your preference, convenience, and size of the pocketbook.

Your donations are always significant and make a difference, even if they are small. According to a recent survey report, individuals make up about 70% of overall charitable donations. So, individual donations matter greatly and contribute greatly towards a healthy charitable world for the deserving and needy. Below are some of the ways you can donate today,

Donate Online

It is also named crowdfunding. It is quite easy to donate from your digital valet during the ongoing pandemic using your smartphone or laptop. Online donation method is the most growing way of donating charity. It saves your time, and above all, it is quite convenient. Online donations are very common in young people because they love to donate at the ease of their access. Still, it is not the primary source of giving donations

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Donate via Checkbooks

The most common way of donating to a charity in the world is by writing a check. It is a very simple, safe, and direct form of donations. Despite the growing popularity of online donations, many people still don’t feel safe sharing their credit card information with online organizations, especially when they are donating a substantial amount. So, without any doubt, checkbooks remain the most common and authentic way of donating to a charity.

Join a Giving Community

If you are somehow familiar with an investment club or have been a part of some, you already know how about giving communities. Although giving circles are not working in the charity scene since long ago. Still, such communities have gained popularity quite rapidly. You can always look at your neighborhood or local area for such communities. Some giving circles even work on a national and international level. Such giving circles help developing sectors and entrepreneurs to take easy loans and grow their work. In short, making your donations with a giving circle is always quite fun and practical.

Donate Your Belongings

Donating your belongings can be the most engaging and direct giving of all. You can always donate your old car and do some good in this way. Also, don’t forget to donate other things such as furniture, clothes, and food, etc., to the deserving community. It’s important here to be aware of scams. So, it is recommended to start such giving from your neighborhood. Because you know your community well than other communities so, start giving the deserving today for good.

Set Up a Foundation

In the developed nations, some high net-worth families or individuals set up a private or family foundation especially to donate to charity. Setting up a family or private foundation is a great way to match your interests for your contributions. Donors can always keep a check and balance over their values and charitable contributions alongside making sure that it’s being delivered to the right people at the right time. This all can be done if you have a supportive partner. To check the loyalty of your partner, click here

Give Through a Donor-Advised Fund

Also known as DFAs, Donating a donor-advised fund has become quite popular in recent times.  DFAs have grown exponentially in recent years and have successfully surpassed a total of 1 billion dollars in assets.

Donor-advised funds are charity-giving accounts provided by sponsored organizations and are quite less expensive than setting up a private organization. Donor-advised funds can be started with a contribution as low as $5 grand, and it’s totally up to you to give whenever and whoever you want to. The sponsoring organizations often become handy for a charitable tax deduction too.  In short, DFAs are quite simple and worth it if you are interested in donating without taking much tension.

Give Your Time

You have often heard that “Time is money,” but it doesn’t cost a dime to give your little time to someone eager to change their lifestyle with it. It is also known as volunteering. It has increased dramatically over the past few years. Even if you have a week or day or hour per year, use your tips to make someone’s life better at the expense of absolutely nothing. 

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