How to optimize LinkedIn to boost your company

How to optimize LinkedIn to boost your company

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With more than 810 million professionals connected, Linkedln is currently the largest business network in the world. Twenty years after its launch, today it is not only crowned as one of the most important social networks in the workplace, but it has also achieved it in the business sphere. In this post we explain how to optimize LinkedIn to boost your business.

Although on Linkedln we can find relevant information about any professional and support for networking, in the case of companies, this platform also has many utilities that can help boost a business. Among them, contributing to generate strategic alliances, helping to segment a target audience for a product/service, giving greater credibility to a brand, finding new business opportunities, promoting products/services or strengthening branding.

Here are some easy-to-implement tips that can help you optimize LinkedIn to boost your business.

Associations and strategic alliances in Linkedln

When it comes to associations and alliances, the most important thing is to be clear, from the beginning, what is the objective to be achieved. The answer can never be: ”Get more followers”. An alliance must mean some kind of value contribution for our business, be it economic, commercial or communicational.

Some of these objectives may be:

When talking about alliances or associations, you have to plan very well the strategy behind what you will do. In addition, of course, the choice of the influencer or account with which the alliance will be generated must be directly related to the objective to be met.

Find new business opportunities on Linkedln

As the song says, the friends of my friends are my friends. This phrase should be a "must" to generate new business opportunities on Linkedln. It is not a question of indiscriminately collecting profiles, but of trying to identify the contacts of our contacts who have similarities with us, with our business or with our professional sector.

Currently, the platform offers various filters when performing a profile search. So finding like-minded people is just a matter of finding the keywords or knowing how to contact the right groups on Linkedln.

The employee branding

Employee branding are strategies and actions that a company can carry out so that its employees, voluntarily and naturally, become its best digital brand ambassadors, while optimizing LinkedIn.

Employee branding is a growing trend, since companies have realized the enormous benefits it brings, since they are increasingly aware that the communication coming from their employees is much more effective than the one coming from the company itself. organization. What employees transmit on Linkedln acquires greater reach, because it spreads to other contacts and these, in turn, can share it among their contacts, achieving greater virality.

Employee-generated content also has another aspect that is very important: credibility. Indeed, it has been shown that we all trust more in what people like us say -the so-called " peer to peer " communication- than in the messages that come from organizations. In the case of companies, they trust more in what employees or customers say than in what the companies themselves express.

Advertising and target audience segmentation on Linkedln

When an advertising campaign is created on Linkedln, there are 16 different options with which you can play to find the public most akin to a product/service (sex, age, followers of the company, business sector, types of professionals, etc.) There are Keep in mind that Linkedln is mainly a B2B platform, which means that you will have to choose the target audience between professionals and companies. For example, if you want to reach something as specific as women between the ages of 40 and 50 who work in the construction sector, with Linkedln it can be achieved.

Linkedln also has a powerful search engine, in which it is important to define the keywords if we want to be found. Experts recommend using 3 keywords and 5 secondary ones that can later be checked if they give results in searches.

The disadvantage of Linkedln, compared to other platforms, is that there is a minimum cost for each click on an ad, so making mistakes can be very expensive. If you have ever advertised on Google or Facebook, you will be surprised that Linkedln has a minimum of 10 Euros of daily spending per campaign. To prevent the results from being uncontrollable, try to invest most of the budget in a single campaign. You should also use the tools that Linkedln offers to review a campaign.

There are 3 types of ad formats on Linkedin: sponsored content, message ad, or text ad. While all of these formats can work, most businesses tend to focus on sponsored content.

What the experts recommend is to create a minimum of four ads per campaign with different images and text. You can even use the ads in A/B or multivariate tests, to see which one works best with your audience. The goal is to test as many ads as possible and make decisions based on the data received. Many times the ad that one thinks will work best is not what was expected.

Measurement on Linkedln

What is not measured is not improved, and LinkedIn can be optimized, even in its free version, which offers tools to measure management on the social network. With this data we will be able to make the necessary adjustments in the strategy.

Some of these measurements can be:

Linkedln is a social network that can contribute a lot to you both as a professional and to your company. Therefore, you should optimize LinkedIn to boost your company, creating your own page on this network. In fact, it is the company's social network par excellence, with some 13 million users in Spain. It is the social platform that allows you to do business and also research and analyze the market.

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