How to Recover from an Accident at a Workplace

How to Recover from an Accident at a Workplace

From Sohail Ahmad

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Workplace injuries are an unfortunate commonality in today’s UK, despite the best efforts of robust workplace health and safety legislation. According to RIDDOR statistics, over 60,000 employee injuries were reported between 2021 and 2022; if you’re unlucky enough to become a part of the next HSE statistic, what should you do to ensure recovery?

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Naturally, the most important thing to do in the event of a workplace accident is to seek immediate medical attention. There should be a first-aid trained supervisor on site to give emergency medical attention, while professional medical help should be sought in short order. 

Record Evidence

If you are able to do so while awaiting proper medical assistance, you should do what you can to record evidence of the accident in question. This might take the form of recording any CCTV of the incident, or of taking testimony from eyewitnesses to the accident. Not only can this information be useful in guiding health and safety policy, but it can also be useful for potential civil action – as will be touched upon shortly.

Follow Medical Advice

In the aftermath of your injury, you should take the opportunity to organise a follow-up appointment with your GP – assuming you are not already receiving medium-term treatment, as with more serious injuries such as bone breakages or head injuries.

Follow-up appointments allow you to understand the extent of your injuries, and formulate some form of recovery or rehabilitation plan to ensure the best possible outcome. Your job is simply to follow your doctor’s advice, whether actively exercising to rehabilitate your body or taking time out from work to heal.

Apply Your Rights as a Worker

During your recovery, it is important for you to exercise your rights as an injured worker. Depending on the nature and severity of your workplace accident, you may find yourself eligible for certain benefits or compensation, above and beyond Statutory Sick Pay. For example, if the accident wasn’t your fault, you could find yourself due compensation via a civil personal injury claim.

How much you could claim would depend on the specifics of your injury, but a consultation with a legal professional in this area would be wise nonetheless. This is where recording any evidence or testimonial from the scene of the accident comes in handy; the information gathered can be used to ascertain the strength or value of your potential claim.

Seek Emotional Support

Finally, but by no means in the least, emotional support is a crucial aspect of recovery and rehabilitation. Between medical recovery and the mental stress of potential legal action, life after a workplace accident can be difficult. As such, emotional support is just as important to recovery as physiological support. A network of friends and family can be instrumental to enhanced recovery. 

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