Four little ones and not able to support financially for.

Four little ones and not able to support financially for.

From Crystal Martinez Moore

We desperately need help to get us through the next month, please. My husband and children are the core of my world. If we can not pay rent, we will have to leave and jump from parking lot to parking lot. anything wil...

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     I'm writing this in hopes that someone will read this and understand. at this time we cannot pay our rent. Among other things like the broken Ac in our RV and we live in Texas, so it is hot. we have been struggling for some time and we are unable to make rent for this month, we live in a travel trailer with our four little ones, the youngest being two.

     My husband has always struggled since before I knew him. He has anxiety(panic disorder), depression, PTSD, and ADHD. He was born with a spinal occulta. Disc degenerative.

     Besides that, he was always a hard worker. My husband worked long hours. He would arrive an hour early, and never missed a day unless it was an emergency.

     Around 2017 his back got worse, and he started taking Tylenol and ibuprofen to help with the pain.

    One morning as he was getting ready for work, he ran to the restroom and threw up blood, and went to the emergency. It was the ibuprofen and Tylenol. As a result, He started seeing a pain specialist and they told him he had spinal occulta and disc degeneration. They put him on pain medication for the pain.

    Around 2018 his dosage for Xanax got higher. I remembered he had mentioned his dr wasn’t listening to him. Instead, the dr brushed away his concerns and kept putting the dosage higher.

   During this time a law passed that said you couldn’t take opioids with benzodiazepines(Xanax). My husband chose to let the pain meds go and He called both Drs to make them aware of his decision. When he went to request his refill for Xanax, they said he was taken off it and would be put only on gabapentin from then on.

   My husband called the emergency line, among several Drs, and begged them if they could help and what to do. He told them the dosage the Dr had him on(8mg daily).

They all said the same. the dr was committing malpractice, he should never have been given such a high dosage and taken off cold turkey. It was dangerous!!

    During this time, He had seizures and involuntary muscle's a hard memory for me...but we got through the worse of it but his emotional and mental state was another story.

    My husband has a new Dr at this time and told him what had happened. The Dr told him, that he had been fortunate, and that nothing bad happened. And told my husband to apply for ssdi

we started the process of applying for SSDI for my husband, So when these hard times come we will know will get through and not be so scared.

Now It's a new month and after other issues have come up that we needed to fix, our truck and doctor's appointments and with the cost of diesel, and of course, our ac is broken now and it's Texas. We still need to wash clothes for the little ones and get supplies.

Our oldest is 11, (sonny)he loves drawing comics. he's autistic/ADHD. He loves everyone and makes friends with everyone he meets. Extremely creative loves to build and loves math, he has a hard time showing how he got an answer and can only show the answer.

Our 7yr old (mouse) loves to climb trees and hates dresses, she loves nature and gets flowers to press. She's clumsy but very much loves athletic activity. Lol, I've seen her hit a wall that was not close to her because she bounces and hums as she walks. She just laughs and says “Oww that hurt” and bounces away.

My 5 yr old (rabbit) knows what she wants!! Very assertive. Loves dresses, and she will climb a tree with them on. Don't tell her she won't be able to... 'cause she finds a way. She is very artistic and a great storyteller. She just started up wanting to learn how to sew. 

      Our 2-year-old (turtle) loves trucks, dinosaurs, and guns. loves to watch blippi and monster trucks and enjoys watching his father work on the truck. he will hand him tools as he is working. He can’t handle loud noise though so he wears protective earmuffs. 

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