I've fallen and I can't get up

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On November 22nd I was attempting to repair a leak on the roof of my two and a half story house.

We were hoping to repair it this year and try to save enough to replace the roof next year.

Suddenly the roof jacks and the ladders gave way, and I fell 52 feet onto the neighbors concrete driveway.

I shattered my pelvis, shattered one of my vertebrae, broke three ribs, broke my wrist in three places, gashed my head open, and partially collapsed one of my lungs.

Needless to say, I must have had several guardian angels watching over me that day, because even with these extensive injuries I managed to survive.

I was blessed to be taken to one of the best trauma hospitals in the State, and they took good care of me.

I am now in a wheelchair, and if everything goes well, I can start learning to walk again in a couple of months.  But until I can leave the wheelchair, I cannot go home.

Our house is an older house that does not accomodate a wheelchair.  

This means that on top of the enormous medical and rehab bills, I also need to stay at a hotel until I can go home.

My daughter did start a gofundme but we don't have very many social media friends to share it with. - https://gofund.me/e33ffc77 

Any help either here or with reposting the gofundme link would be greatly appreciated

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