I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Behdad Cord

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Behdad Cord

From Behdad Cord

We are very lucky to have a awesome pmRissetto Shoshone yeah I wish I am at ur country and it would have reduced my anxiety. Priscilla Marie DeJesus awwww it’s ain’t that nice feeling when coronavirus getting worser in U

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Cause Obama has been out off office for 4 year and its some how his faultShawn Hicks well, it kinda is sorry, if that upsets you bc you’re a MAGA, but then don’t support racists. Stupid right wingers blame the media and the left like really this has nothing to do with politics but you guys always make it about politics well blame trump for it. Would they have actually murdered this man, if other people hadn’t seen what was happening and got involved.

If you’re 10 How does one feel like a different gender since one hasn't ever been that gender. Many other gay and transgender teens commit suicide if they feel rejected or judged by family members. BrThe black man would be extinct just like the dinosaurs were keep letting this BS happenedMany 12yr.

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