I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Eliezer Englander

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Eliezer Englander

From Eliezer Englander

And if they are foolish enough to sign a Trump waiver more power to them. WHY in order to attend Have to sign a disclosure document stating : you can’t sue if you get COVID 19 (liability waiver) But ALL attendees will be

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Kristy Sclater listen to the language of those in charge, we went thru all this lockdown and isolation so hospitals got an idea of what it is and how to prepare. Roger Bartels Yeah, true what you have said Id prob go into lock down myself, cept I have young kids Roger Bartels Oh god, I hope your prediction isnt correct, Im one of the vulnerables. Probably not caught at school but more likely families who didn’t isolate but rather got together for extended family gatherings etc not listening to restrictions.

How do you act when some stranger starts harassing you while on your own property. Nadine Sams he was defensive because they were questioning and ANTAGONIZING him about his own property. We can't know if they would've acted that way if the black man they acted that way towards was white.

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