I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By John Mooney

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By John Mooney

From John Mooney

Not going to happenSo true, comrade Jacinda and Ashley have letdown the team of 5 million with their incompetenceAt least they are not covering like China Wot. Cody Wray Luco nah it’s only two cases from the UK and they

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They didn’t have Cow piss near by otherwise the situation would’ve be reversed JPee Rammy you can try Gandi aulaad. So better buzz offShakeel Khan we already built a big toilet in 1947 itself called pakistan and we use pakistani flag as toilet paperToo bad. Chandrasekhar Natarajan uncle last time you engaged Pakistan, you lost 7 8 pilots in friendly fire, two jets shot down, 1 pilot arrested and multiple casualties on ground.

Stephen Wright your wasting your time trying to reason with that daft woman, she probably has a shrine set up to Corbyn in her bedroomFirstly the guy has been in charge for circa 7 months. Wake up KS, appears nearly everyone in the world hates us so why care. Joe Jennings We need more departments so we can have more meetings to become outraged and moan about.

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