I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Manjinder Thind

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Manjinder Thind

From Manjinder Thind

Morlan Smith True,, but I was being sarcastic, It grosses me out that some people don't flush after themselves. I don’t want those particles from the toilet flying around the bathroom and getting on my toothbrush (even t

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Come on covid 19 you can destroy this country there's no Americans left anymore thanks for the generation of everybody gets a trophy for participatingThe whole fkn world plummeted AT THE SAME TIME, you dumbfucs Hey, all you Dumpy supporters. So when people see it they think of anything but make America great againHmmmmmm. I think one good thing we can do is make m a g a mean anything but What Trump says it is.

A big hug to you ♡. Coralie Delrue In Europe we would not need anyone if we rediscover our oldest roots, we have learned to live all over the world, we Europeans have exported everything that the new now have. Michelle Antoinette we don’t want Trumpists like the last US Ambassador but we have no problem with sane and healthy people from USAThe NYT is utterly despicable.

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