I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Shelley Solomons

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Shelley Solomons

From Shelley Solomons

Kevin Longmate you're suggesting that the minister should have waited 24hrs to sign off knowing the tax take would be bigger. If this happened in any other country we'd call it corruption, think we have a blind spot for

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So sorry you went through thatMaxine McFarlane I don't use the negatives as justification, I simply don't believe what the bible statesI am a Catholic mom and my husband is Muslim. Joe Zaccheo what about all those mothers and babies forcefully separated in the 50s and 60s simply because the mothers were unwed, never hear anything about that. These were beliefs relevant to that era and religion played a large role in shaping them.

Geoffrey John Keating whatever Cameron says I’m the opposite Peter Battensby Cameron & other Torries think this a bad move, never mind opposition parties. Geoffrey John Keating all a matter of opinion realy most people think condidering all thats happened in his brief pm ship hes doing well its only a few months. Geoffrey John Keating if it gets rid of a few ministers in jobs for life,unacountable to anyone im all for it.

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