Immanuel Lutheran Church COVID Relief Fund

Immanuel Lutheran Church COVID Relief Fund

From Emily Heitzman

The current COVID crisis has left many without work or a steady income. This need has continued to grow for several individuals & families. That's why we're asking you to help us raise another $10,000 for our neighbors.

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Dear neighbors and friends, 

The current COVID-19 crisis has left many without work or a steady income.  For many individuals and families, this need has continued to grow over the past four months.  

At the end of March, we launched a GoFundMe fundraiser to help assist many of our neighbors and friends with purchasing groceries, medicine, toiletries, and other items.  From the end of March through early July, we raised just over $10,000 (on our GoFundMe account and through Immanuel Lutheran Church's website).  Due to some technical difficulties with GoFundMe, we have moved our online fundraiser to Fundly. 

Since the end of March, we have assisted:

- 1 individual: 4 times

- 2 individuals: 1 time

- 1 couple: 2 times

- 1 couple: 1 time

- 1 family of 3: 4 times

- 1 family of 3: 1 time

- 1 family of 4: 2 times

- 1 family of 4: 3 times

- 2 families of 5: 2 times

- 1 family of 5: 2 times

- 4 families of 6: 1 time

- 1 family of 6: 2 times

- 1 family of 6: 3 times

- 1 family of 8: 2 times

- 1 family of 9: 1 time

As of July 24, the total amount of funds we have given to individuals and families is: $8,480. 

Since the Covid-19 crisis continues to keep many unemployed or underemployed, we know many of these individuals and families (as well as others) will need additional assistance in the near future.  Yet, we are getting close to running out of relief funds.

If you are able, please help us raise another $10,000 for our neighbors.  

Whether you donate $10 or $500, every little bit helps!  

You may also donate directly to Immanuel Lutheran Church (rather than through Fundly), by clicking here and designating your gift to the "Pastor's Discretionary Fund."  


Last summer, at Vacation Bible School, children learned about the parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37.  They talked about ways to share God's love to our neighbors.  They created a cardboard city where everyone is a neighbor to ALL.  (See part of it in the photo above.) 

The children included skyscrapers and apartment buildings. They added the Thorndale redline station, a fountain, a haunted house, trees, homes, shelters, animals and people.  One special element in the neighborhood was created by a 6 year old boy.  It was a man who was falling off a bridge and another person below him ready to help in his time of need. When asked to explain why he included this, the boy said he wanted to create a helper, just like the Good Samaritan.  Because that is what we are all supposed to do.  We are supposed to be the helpers.  

A few weeks later we received an email from this boy's mom.  It was a picture of him with a big smile holding a large sign over his head that read: "Luke 10:25-37: We should be the helpers."  He was holding this sign as he marched downtown with 10,000 other Chicagoans to call for an end to the criminalization, detention, and deportation of our immigrant neighbors.  

"Who is my neighbor?"  Maybe the better question to ask is "Who is being my neighbor?"  I think the children and youth in and around the neighborhood of Edgewater have set a good example for us.  So - in whatever ways you are able - let us work together "to go and do likewise."  


Rev. Emily Heitzman, Pastor with Youth and Households

Rev. Monte Johnson, Immanuel Pastor

Chuck Carper, Immanuel Council President 


Immanuel Lutheran Church is part of the ELCA and has been a Reconciling in Christ congregation since 1996.  We are located in the neighborhood of Edgewater in the city of Chicago.  Because we believe that God's grace is so amazing, we are committed to welcoming all people to this place.  No matter where you come from, no matter what age, race, socio-economic, family, or immigration status, no matter your gender identity or sexual orientation, you are welcome here.  To find out more about our congregation, ministries and outreach programs, go to our website: .

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