In Desperate Need

In Desperate Need

From Jeffery Hunt

I'm raising money for me, because I have a very low income situation and 85% of my monthly income goes directly towards bills. After that, I'm left with maybe $50 for the remainder of the month.

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I sincerely apologize for the lack of some information on here. I don't use Facebook to be able to connect an account. Basically, my situation is all about my income and my absolute need for financial help. This fundraiser thing is my last hope. So I was medically forced out of work back in 2019, roughly 10-11 months after working for the NYSARC Inc. and then I ended up on Disability Insurance in 2021 after fighting for two years to be approved. My income started at a decent amount, $948 a month but that all changed the day I decided to appeal an overpayment notice. Appealing their overpayment notice basically caused them to punish my benefits by $339. Late 2021, I went from $948 to $609 and that's total monthly benefit between Social Security Disability Insurance and SSI. That's the first time they punished me. The second time they punished me was in September 2022, they garnished $70 more from my SSI because my attempts to contact them failed for 2 months straight and so they didn't get my address update for 2 months. So then I went from $609 to $539. Now with the 2024 COLA, I went from $539 to $558 and that's only a $19 increase. The biggest issue I'm facing is that my situation got so tight, I ended up selling my vehicle back in July (2023) just so I could save some money, but it didn't work as planned. Every time I put money into my savings, I end up putting right back into my checking, because next to bills sits it's neighbor, personal essentials. Hygiene products, clothing, prescriptions and food. I was doing research on the $2,000 limit and found out it's only for those on SSI. Being I collect SSDI and SSI, I'm not included in that resource limit and I'm not prohibited from having a savings account. They can legally garnish my SSI if reach over $2,000 but they can't garnish my SSDI being I'm listed as permanently disabled, conditions not expected to improve. Those conditions being Levoscoliosis (Upper Thoracic Spine), Complex Trauma Disorder and High Functioning Autism. The reason I'm asking for $30,000 is so I can get myself a decent vehicle that needs little to no work done, get a comfortable fitting thoracic back brace, pay off my credit cards, afford my prescriptions (I'm a NYS-OCM patient, insurance doesn't work with them based on federal legality) and not worry about where the next meal is going to come from. The photo I have provided is my sister and I, she's handicapped with Caudal Regression Syndrome. Here's a breakdown of my monthly income with bills.

$558 - total monthly benefits, $75 for my phone plan payment, $200 for the credit cards, $100 to my great aunt for rent, $100 for NYS-OCM product(s) and then I'd say another $45-$50 for monthly necessities like hygiene products. Then I'm left with maybe $30-$40 for the remaining 28 days of the month and when it comes to EBT SNAP, they only give me $35 a month. Even with the $200 I put on my credit cards, I still end up using that and so I end up going over my credit limits each month as well. I haven't been lower than 80% credit card usage in a while. I'm in desperate need of help and this is my last hope. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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